#SpaceX #CRS10 | #EchoStar105 #SES11 #OfCourseIStillLoveYou – from #NASA KSC iconic launch complex 39A with that morning sunrise- Highlights


From NASA’s KSC iconic Launch Complex 39A- LC 39A, that launched the Iconic Saturn five rockets to the moon then translated into launching STS- Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle the work truck of NASA…. SpaceX CRS10 Launching from on a two hour window  on a very brilliant sunrise Florida  morning 11th October 2017, launching from a time  from 0653 Eastern Date Time Morning..  This morning launch is the traditional in which the Falcon nine is reused for this morning launch, in which is designated to resupply the ISS International Space Station on previous mission on its tenth flight..  In which as to say this is a traditional launch in which will be landing in a Drone Ship off shore in the Atlantic Ocean “Of Course I Still Love You?”

The two payloads deployed thirty six minutes into from lift off..  in question that are in piggy backing from one carrier launch rocket is from the Falcon nine reusable. In which the first is the EchoStar 105 is design wise to communications coverage of the United States of America, Gulf of Mexico, also the Caribbean…. With that range is provisionment in providing communications of sorts on communications enterprises, media, broadcasters, also provision towards on a governmental level..  its communications platform is hybrid in which it operates in between Ku and C Band….

SES-11 is also a communications satellite in which it communication provisionment is to provide video also HD- high definition also its UHD- Ultra High communication Channels, broadcasting coverage towards the America, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean

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