#CathayPacific #BetsyBeer | #HongKong #Beertopia 2017- Brew for the Skies..

Currently last month in between 22nd to 23rd September 2017  there was a two day event  in Central Harbour front in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in which in which is like Auckland’s big Day out in previously in Mount Smart to Western Springs Stadium.. Holding up the Central Harbour Front is Beertopia 2017. In which is moving out LKF- Lan Kwai Fong outside into another part of Hong Kong region for two days… Beertopia is Hong Kong largest craft beer festival, in which it has over five hundred variants of beers from all over the globe also attracting with great live music, bands, Dj, also massive assortments of food..

As part of the event Cathay Pacific was there in which was to promote there inflight Beer, Betsy Beer in which in collaboration with Hong Kong Beer Company.. Who crafted, brew the beer for Cathay Pacific… In which you can obtain the Betsy Beer locally from Hong Kong Beer Co. suppliers.. The name of the Beer given originates to the Cathay Pacific’s first aircraft a Douglas DC -3 variant modified aircraft.. that served the Cathay Pacific for more than thirty years in the Australian outback’s , now located at the Hong Kong Science Museum telling its story to the previous and next generation..

The Betsy Beer, especially scientifically traditionally crafted, brew by Hong Kong Beer Company, with the essence of Hong Kong traditions in which was to crafted towards flying at a flying altitude 35,000 feet in which the brewed brewage is enhanced flavouring to excited you taste buds at that flying attitude.. in which the taste sensing food flying at a certain height while flying dullness tasting food.. also it’s crafted to the aircraft’s environment, in which the beverage had to be modified in find a wheat based that had to counter bitterness, also it’s ten percent carbonized higher for a high sea level in which additional with a complexes of texturing to stimulate flavour receptors, also Unfiltered to retain vitamin B for restorative properties.

The ingredients are mostly originated from Hong Kong… the Honey is from New Territories, ShaTin using wild bees at Wing Wo Bee Honey Farm in Sha Tin.. In which fruit, Dragon eye, Longan fruit is especially sourced from Hong Kong Markets in which gives that sense of Hong Kong’s street culture… in which is not from Hong Kong is the Fuggle Hop, from Kent England in which was used in various beer brewages  throughout the European history for centuries..  in which you can obtain your BetsyBeer at your local Deli Delight,  or from your Hong Kong Beer Company liquor retailers..


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