#SpaceX #FalconNineReusable | launching of the #CSA #CanadianSpaceAgency #RADARSAT Constellation providing intense analysis for #EarthSciences observations- #OC #California (California) Here we come!


On a 12th Jun 2019 California OC’s 0717 Los Angles PDT- Pacific Date Time–  morning, it’s the launch of the CSA -Canadian Space Agency Canadian- RCM- RADARSAT Constellation Mission, launching from the west coast this time of Space X‘s Vandenberg Air Force Base, form California, launching from SLC-4E, Space Launch Complex 4E..  In which the launch three satellites will be deployed form the secondary stage, in least fifty four minutes after the launch…

As the deployment  of the three RADARSAT Satellites, into the deployment is the landing of the reusable Falcon Nine carrier rocket least eight minutes after lift-off, back on a non-traditional drone ship landing in which it’ll land back on Space X’s  Landing Zone 4- LZ-4… in which this a land based landing..

The currently first staging of the Space X –Falcon Nine reusable was previously used in Dragon’s first demonstration flight in March 2019, in which used again for this mission.. To deploy RADARSAT Satellites of three constellations, for Earth Sciences observation from space in which it utilised a three C-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar –SAR Earth Observation Satellites…

The Manufacturer of the RADARSAT is MDAa Maxar Company… In which it’s provisionment of the constellation of the three satellites will provide Canadian also Arctic region observations of four times daily   also globally ninety percent.. also providing maritime surveillance, ecosystem and climate change monitoring, and helping disaster relief efforts. … Each satellite also carries an Automatic Identification System receiver, allowing improved detection and tracking of vessels of interest.  Also providing assists to farmers on maximising crop yields, reduction on energy consumption reduction of pollutants…. Also the second Is provide high quality resolution data on disaster relief also assisting on organize emergency response efforts and protect the local population….. .

#SpaceX #Iridium8 #NextSatellites | #FalconNineReusable the final eighth… Traditionally launching from that California Vandenberg coast saying “#JustReadTheInstructions “

One 11th January 2019… is the hall mark for the Iridium Satellite Constellation network completion launching from VAFB- SpaceX Space Launch Complex 4E…

On the 11th January 2019, eleventh days after the New Year that rolled in… It was the final set launching of the SpaceX reusable Falcon Nine Carrier Rocket in which also that final set is the final payload launch of the rest of the Iridium Constellation satellite network in completion of a total seventy five satellites in which it’s the final ten launching from the West Coast of the United States from VAFB- Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.. From SLC 4E- Space Launch Complex 4E,… This Launch is a traditional Launch for SpaceX, in which landing on off shore Landing Drone ship “ Just Read the Instructions” in which the East Coast is known “ Off Course I still Love You”

Commentary that day launch is John Insprucker- Space X Principle Integration Engineer …..  Launching without any arising issues towards the maximizing meeting the launch criteria… launch in 0731 Pacific Standard time  in which the morning launch will deployed one hour after the launch..  in which the Falcon Nine Reusable Carrier Rocket used is the block five, in which was used previously on the Telstar 18- Vantage mission that was launched on 18th September 2018..


The Next generation of Iridium Satellites constellation is set out to replace the existing network of its communication satellite network that spread though out the planetary coverage. In replacing the whole constellation network, it’s the first it’s been done on a massive scale… which innovative new communications upgrades, instruments,  services of the Iridium Certus… the next generation of L band broadband communications for various applications of safety services, remote monitoring.. Also control of unmanned UAV also UAS also its precession tracking… other packages in Aviation tracking surveillance in real time on a planetary scale….. in which the manufacturing of the constellation is Thales Alenia Group

#SpaceX #F9Reusable | Spaceflight #SSOA: #SmallSatExpress- landing traditionally reading “ #JustReadTheInstructions ” in delivering ride share of sixty four CubeSats in one launch from that Californian Vandenberg Coast…..


SpaceX F9 Reusable Carrier Rocket | Spaceflight SSO-A SmallSat Express- landing traditionally reading “Just Read The Instructions in delivering ride share of sixty four CubeSats in one launch from that Californian Vandenberg Coast…..

On 3rd December 2018 California west Cost , launching from the west coast California, from Vandenberg Air Force Base is the next launch of Space X’s block five next generation Falcon Nine Reusable, in which launching from SLC4E- Space Launch Complex 4E in which this launch is a traditional launch for SpaceX in which landing back on a Drone ship off the Californian pacific coast line least seven minutes and forty five seconds after the launch, launch window of on a 1032 PST Los Angeles time in which that launch window is only critically small of least half hour duration….

The SpaceX Falcon Nine Reusable that’s deploying sixty four Spaceflight SSO-A Small Sat Express mission has been reused on a previously twice supported the Bangabandhu Satellite-1 mission in May 2018 and the Merah Putih mission in August 2018……  Deploying the sixty four satellites into SSO –sun synchronous low Earth orbit in two deployment sequences, in which it is to date the largest ride sharing deployment one carrier rocket from a United Sates Private space Company..

Deploying the sixty four Small Satellites-Cube Sats are from various thirty four organisations as part of the Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express mission from seventeen countries U.S., Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, U.K., Germany, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Poland, Canada, Brazil, and India…. The Payload which it varies from Domestic, International, Governmentally, Commercials, Educational research… that represented in payload manifest of fifteen Micro Sats, forty nine CubeSats …. Within the Payload skirt flaring is uniquely designed payload stacking arrangement.. It’s the most complex deployment system yet to date..

#SpaceX #SAOCOM1A Mission | with a brand new #FalconNineReusable- Launching the Argentine Microwaves Observation Satellite….


On a SpaceX’s California evening West coast – Sunday 7th October 2018, launching from SLC4E- Space Launch Complex 4E, from Vandenberg Air force Base….. in which this is a first attempted landing on the launched and landing on the west coast  on landing zone four, which is a previous launch complex that once launched Titian Four Rockets in which was used in Star Trek’s first Contact on first Warp ship flight  developed by Team Zephram Cochrane….

SpaceX -SAOCOM1A Mission | with a brand new FalconNineReusable- Launching the Argentine Microwaves Observation Satellite….

Launching from Launching Complex 4E, in which 1921 Los Angeles Time-PDT… in which Thomas Praderio a SpaceX Firmware Engineering… Who have been hosting this round on commentary the SAOCOM1A Mission explains about the mission in which the twelve minutes will be deployed after launched time… The launch without any arising issues of the new block five Falcon Nine reusable Carrier Rocket… in which have numerous modifications from its previous generation…

The SAOCOM1A Mission is operated by satellite is operated by Argentina’s Space Agency- CONAE the National Commission on Space Activities forms a constellation SAOCOM1A SAOCOM1B … is a high communications Navigational, Emergence and response Data Analysis Satellite in which provides support towards other constellations networks towards ASI- Italian Space Agency also ESA-European Space Agency, With mission duration of five years in providing assistances… in providing communications Navigational, Emergence and response Data….

#SpaceX #FalconNIne| #GraceFo with #IridiumNEXT6 launching two payloads on one Carrier Rocket in a non-traditionally way …..


Host commentary for today’s launch is John Insprucker-Principal Integrations Engineer providing the launch for a Californian Tuesday 22nd May 2018 it’s the launch two payloads from Vandenberg Air Force Base from SpaceX, in which is reusing a previously used Falcon Nine Reusable in which was previous used on classified mission Zuma in which that Falcon Nine Reusable Carrier Rocket is as 1043 ……. In which is set to launch from SLC-4E Space Launch Complex 4E on 1247 Hours PDT- Pacific Date Time in which during the launch of the core primary stage falcon nine in which was previously used will not be recovered in a traditional way on a drone ship…  in which this time a marine landing attempt has been done in the past to experimentally land float and recovery to see how it survives a marine landing…

Launching from from Vandenberg Air Force Base from SLC 4E -Space Launch Complex 4E is the non traditionally launch of the Space X Falcon Nine with the sixth patchment of five Iridium six Next communications also NASA’S Grace Fo Earth Science Satellite..

There are two payloads, Grace-Fo also the next five batches of Iridium Next 6 satellites for Iridium Communications as for Grace-Fo both payloads will be deployed least eleven minutes and thirty seconds after lift-off… This is the sixth batchment of Iridium Next 6 Satellites is the series of constellation networks in the provisionments of providing high velocity next generation data communications for Certus…. In delivery of seventy five Iridium NEXT satellites into orbit in a constellation network with six as a backup service with a total eighty one in servicement providing safety communications, in which The Next Generation of Iridium 6 Next Satellites, manufactured by Thales Alenia Space, is set to replace the existing satellite networks with innovative next generation data communications provisionments with eighty one planned to orbit around Planet Earth…  in a constellation formation  in which the communication provisionments is delivering high degrees of qualities velocities real time of Data Communications in services providing for aviation, Marine time, internet Data provisions communications with terrestrial towards non and government organisations.. one of many innovations is the Aviation surveillance tracking  systems that will gives real time air traffic controls of global visibilities with ADS-B Equipped Aircraft..

As with the GRACE-FO is the collaboration with NASA/German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) GRACE Follow-On (GRACE-FO)- Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment Follow On,  in which have fifteen year duration of monitoring Earth’s mass in which it measures the high and the low mass.. In which the distance between them show the changes in the Earth’s gravitation forces in precisely measuring the changes of the Earth’s Distribution of Mass monthly mapping with the that mapping monitoring repetitive over time to assess the data observational changes to ice sheets, glaciers, sub-terrain water storage, water supplies in lakes and rivers also water sea levels with that in mind to assess this Planet Earth’s Climate in which that enrich data observation it bring massive societal benefits..