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On a 12th Jun 2019 California OC’s 0717 Los Angles PDT- Pacific Date Time–  morning, it’s the launch of the CSA -Canadian Space Agency Canadian- RCM- RADARSAT Constellation Mission, launching from the west coast this time of Space X‘s Vandenberg Air Force Base, form California, launching from SLC-4E, Space Launch Complex 4E..  In which the launch three satellites will be deployed form the secondary stage, in least fifty four minutes after the launch…

As the deployment  of the three RADARSAT Satellites, into the deployment is the landing of the reusable Falcon Nine carrier rocket least eight minutes after lift-off, back on a non-traditional drone ship landing in which it’ll land back on Space X’s  Landing Zone 4- LZ-4… in which this a land based landing..

The currently first staging of the Space X –Falcon Nine reusable was previously used in Dragon’s first demonstration flight in March 2019, in which used again for this mission.. To deploy RADARSAT Satellites of three constellations, for Earth Sciences observation from space in which it utilised a three C-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar –SAR Earth Observation Satellites…

The Manufacturer of the RADARSAT is MDAa Maxar Company… In which it’s provisionment of the constellation of the three satellites will provide Canadian also Arctic region observations of four times daily   also globally ninety percent.. also providing maritime surveillance, ecosystem and climate change monitoring, and helping disaster relief efforts. … Each satellite also carries an Automatic Identification System receiver, allowing improved detection and tracking of vessels of interest.  Also providing assists to farmers on maximising crop yields, reduction on energy consumption reduction of pollutants…. Also the second Is provide high quality resolution data on disaster relief also assisting on organize emergency response efforts and protect the local population….. .

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