#SPACEX – #Falcon9reusable| #Koreasat5A also “Of Course I Still Love You” – highlights


On the eve of Halloween it’s the Launch of the KoreaSat5A Satellite in which is launched from the Iconic NASA-KSC’s Launch complex 39A –LC39A, in which the carrier rocket is the SpaceX –Falcon nine reusable in which it was launched on 30th October 2017 Monday on an Afternoon 1534 Eastern Date Time Florida.. in which that East Coast Florida clear afternoon was brilliantly clear for launch… in which that SpaceX was more concern of the off shore landing drone ship “the “Of Course I Still Love You” in which is situated in the Atlantic Ocean in which weather wise Prior towards the launch wasn’t that favourable to the launch criteria… until the weather conditions up towards the launch met the Criteria..

The Launch of the SpaceX-KoreaSat5A launched without any issues, in which KoreaSat5A was deployed thirty six minutes from launched from those powerful nine Merlin Soyuz like cluster engines in which the first stage separation traditionally separated ten minutes after launched began its landing procedure in landing on the landing drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You” ….

The Korean Satellite –KoreaSat5A- is a telecommunications satellite operated by Korean- South Korean Satellite provider KT SAT… The contractor for the KoreaSat5A is Thales Alenia Space… Thirty six minutes into the launch is the satellite is position located in 113 degrees East… in which the Telecommunications Satellite communications provisionments is to provide an extremely high degree DTH-Direct To Home broadcast , broadband, also a backup of various servicements .. Placing in the location of 113 degrees East will gives the communication range of providing towards Marine time coverage of the South and East China Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean…  One unique feature of many is the steerable four Ku-band [54 MHZ] transponders in providing maximum DTH communications coverage…

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