#OrbitalATK #Minotaur | the #Halloween afternoon launch of the SkySat and Dove Satellites on a multiple hitchhikers ride- Highlights

One of the sequences of launches that follow during the eve of SpaceX KoreanSat5A in which was launched on a very clear east coast afternoon from the iconic NASA-KSC Launch Complex 39A on the 30th October 2017, Korean Television Communications Satellite.. On the following Halloween 31st October 2017 day  it’s the Orbital ATK’s Minotaur C rocket that was launched from the other side from the Californian West Coast from Vandenberg Air force Base from Space Launch Complex -SLC-576E weather wise it met the launch criteria.. in which it Launched 1437 Hours Pacific time..

From the timely launch it, accent into deployment twelve minutes after the launch deploying from its removed payload flaring, deploying six SkySat Spacecraft into one by one into Targeting Sun Synchronous orbit 500 Kilometers above Earth…  Follow on multiple piggy backing payloads is the final of deployment of four Dove Satellite Spacecraft’s into the same..

The sequences of deployments for home-grown made Californian manufactured SkySat also Dove Spacecraft operate in combinations with each other as they provide the provisionment of remote sensing of Data and Telecommunications towards non and governmental organisations business… in which this case the client was for Planet labs Inc. whom provides extremely high ultra-resolution  rich orbital imagery of Earth Terrain from orbit..

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