#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港| #香港太空館 #HongKongSpaceMuseum #March2023|#HKSpMActivity The Dark Energy and Dark Matter featuring Dr. Oluseyi- 13rd March 2023 ..

Visible matter only accounts for a mere 5% of the vast universe, while the other 95% is made of dark energy and dark matter, which cannot be seen and detected directly. Despite the adage that “seeing is believing”, how do scientists find evidence for the existence of these mysterious and invisible components in the universe? To explore the most baffling mysteries in astronomy, we are honoured to invite Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, an internationally renowned astrophysicist from the United States, to elucidate the properties of dark energy and dark matter in the Space Museum!

Beyond his notable scientific research achievements, Dr. Oluseyi is also a passionate science educator, appearing on various programmes to share knowledge and inspiring the audience to live their dreams with his personal story. If you are interested in dark energy and dark matter, and Dr. Oluseyi’s journey to becoming a preeminent scientist, this lecture is not to be missed!

Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, author of the critically acclaimed memoir, A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Streets to the Stars, is an internationally-recognized astrophysicist, science TV personality, and global education advocate who has had a long, distinguished career in academia and scientific research. Most recently, he was stationed at NASA Headquarters, where he served as an Astrophysicist and Space Science Education Lead for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. In this talk, Dr. Oluseyi will talk about his work in “hacking stars,” explain dark energy and dark matter, and use his personal story to inspire the audience to chase their dreams no matter how unlikely they may seem.

Speaker: Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi
Moderator: Mr. CHAN Chun-lam, Prince (Assistant Curator, Hong Kong Space Museum)

The lecture will be conducted in English.

Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis. Live streaming is also available on the Space Museum’s YouTube Channel.

Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Date: 13 March 2023 (Monday)

Time: 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Venue: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum

Speaker: Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi (Astrophysicist)

Live Streaming Platform: Hong Kong Space Museum YouTube Channel


喺浩瀚嘅宇宙中,可見嘅物質只佔5%,另外有95%係我哋睇唔到,亦無法直接探測嘅暗物質同暗能量。大家成日話「眼見為實」,到底科學家又係點樣證實呢啲神秘成分係「隱身」喺宇宙之中?我哋好榮幸邀請到由美國遠道而來嘅著名天體物理學家Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi親臨太空館,介紹暗物質同暗能量嘅特性,同大家一齊探討呢個現今天文學上最耐人尋味嘅謎團!

Dr. Oluseyi除咗有傑出嘅科研成就,佢更熱心於科學教育,喺多個節目上分享知識,更以自身經歷鼓勵觀眾勇於追夢。如果大家想對暗物質同暗能量有多些了解,並藉此認識Dr. Oluseyi成為頂尖科學家嘅歷程,記得唔好錯過今次嘅講座!






講者:Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi(天體物理學家)



Located in the Heart of Hong Kong central of Victoria Harbour in which locate looking at the iconic Megatroplis HongKong Island city landscape from the opposite is the Hong Kong Space Museum  香港太空館 in which located at 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China –People’s Republic of China..  in which is one of the most international iconic buildings architecturally due to its hemispheric round dome in which is iconic known as one of Hong Kong’s local most cherish bread pastries the Pineapple Bun – Bolo Bao due to the pineapple ceramic texturing tiles of the dome structure that resembles the delicious texturing of the Pineapple Bun .. In which on In June 2014, the Hong Kong Government listed the pineapple bun as a part of Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage. … Despite the name, it does not traditionally contain pineapple; rather, the name refers to the look of the characteristic topping (which resembles the texture of a pineapple)……

Images and visuals are from the Hong Kong Space Museum -香港太空館 Hong Kong Space Museum –- 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR- China- People’s Republic of China …..

#SpaceX #NASA | #TESS joyed excitingly as the #FalconNine says “Of Course I still love you” …………..

On a Spring Florida Wednesday 18th April 2018, SLC 40- Space Launch Complex 40 launching of Space X Falcon Nine Reusable, with those nine mightily Merlin Engines from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in which is about least than fifteen Kilometers away from that NASA-KSC’s Iconic Launch Complex 39A that launched the Mighty Saturn five rockets also the STS-Space Transportation Systems – The Space Shuttle..

#SpaceX #NASA | #TESS joyed excitingly as the #FalconNine says “Of Course I still love you” ……………. into eight minutes and twenty seconds.. landed..

On that Wednesday, it launch the Daughter of Kepler TESS- Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite in which its parent was design as the Exoplanetary hunting telescope that scanned the universe in the Milky way Galaxy for Exoplanetary systems.. with new systems onboard it’s expected to find scan utilizing the transiting dipping diming method of finding Exo-Planets in outside Exo- system  orbiting around the its parent star.. In which with higher greater degree of magnification of finding smaller rocky Exo-planets than of the Sol-System of Earth or smaller.. Than Kepler did…

As Falcon nine launched towards MECO- Main Entry Cut Off… Towards separations between first stage and the second in which two minutes and thirty two seconds…. Then six minutes and twenty nine seconds into the launch the falcon nine reusable stage one begins is re-entry burn then carefully automated guided towards the Atlantic Ocean Drone Ship “Of Course I still love you”.. in which with the live footage shows two streams from the Falcon Nine as it carefully lands relearning those steps also the awaiting for where landing on the SpaceX livery marks the spot..into eight minutes and twenty seconds.. landed..

中國- 天眼 #CHINA -Tiayan | #FAST – Five Hundred meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope – one year Anniversary …..

Currently FAST- Five hundred Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope – is undergoing currently with some impressive operational testing trails at the moment in which will become fully operational in which only one year ago it was only finishing construction, during that process the crew at FAST is undergoing some debugging process in which takes least that three years till it becomes fully operational of the 500 meters diameter radio telescope dish..  in which Tiayan is which the dish is named as Heavenly Eye….

During the debugging  duration, FAST gained amazing exponential growth in collecting data of the night skies, in which amazing surprising results as the crew analysed located in the South west of China Guizhou Province … in which the government set up some protocols around the area with a five Kilometer Man made radio quiet zone around   FAST environment in which is ten times more sensitive than Arecibo Telescope…. In which one part of the many protocols is that you can’t use your Smart phones or unauthorized communication devices when you within the quiet zone as it interferes with the initial operation…

Developed by the Chinese National Astronomical  Observatory is founder Nan Redong , FAST was conceive during 1994 in which that progression  towards getting completed in construction during the September 2016, in which taking only five years to build from its construction  year of 2011 in  the Dawodang Depression in the PingTang County , Guzhou Province  of China’s South west.. Of the operational construction cost 180 USD million Radio Telescopes, in which along with it’s also a major tourist attraction in which also develop into in educating the public into astrophysics, astronomy, also various sciences with exhibits, also various seminars

#EveOnline | Next Generation Project Discovery- Discovering real #ExoPlanets with Professor Michel Mayor- Reykjavik University – within EVE’s universe………..

As part of the next development project of MMORPG- EVE-Online in this, is Project Discovery in which gamers-players have the opportunities to search for real life Exoplanets within the internal universe of EVE-ONLINE virtual universe..  as part of the rewarding experience of contributing to in game crowd source science is you help to develop the same skillsets as finding Exoplanets in looking for various different patterns within various high end resolutions  imagines as discovering more you’re rewarded  for your results using Astronomical Data throughout integrated in game….

As part of the introduction of the Discovery Exo-planets Professor Michel Mayor- Astrophysics- Reykjavik University one of many founding contributors Pioneers in finding ExoPlanets, as he was introduced in the EveOnline convention. He talks about how to find with various methods in collaborations with various other grounds also off world orbital observatories around the planet Earth…. He goes into various methods in finding Exoplanets, one method is the transiting detection in where a planet transiting in from of its star the data shows the dip through in intensity of light in during the observation duration data collection taken in which this method you could tell it’s mass, orbital period around of the Exoplanets around its star in that star system, as Professor Michel Mayor goes into the Kepler Telescope observation period data.. in the later updates to the EveOnline game you’ll have all access to various data collection that’s collected by various observatories around the world, also the data to analysis from orbital platforms to the James Webb Telescope in which is due to be deployed in the launch calendar of 2018……