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As part of the next development project of MMORPG- EVE-Online in this, is Project Discovery in which gamers-players have the opportunities to search for real life Exoplanets within the internal universe of EVE-ONLINE virtual universe..  as part of the rewarding experience of contributing to in game crowd source science is you help to develop the same skillsets as finding Exoplanets in looking for various different patterns within various high end resolutions  imagines as discovering more you’re rewarded  for your results using Astronomical Data throughout integrated in game….

As part of the introduction of the Discovery Exo-planets Professor Michel Mayor- Astrophysics- Reykjavik University one of many founding contributors Pioneers in finding ExoPlanets, as he was introduced in the EveOnline convention. He talks about how to find with various methods in collaborations with various other grounds also off world orbital observatories around the planet Earth…. He goes into various methods in finding Exoplanets, one method is the transiting detection in where a planet transiting in from of its star the data shows the dip through in intensity of light in during the observation duration data collection taken in which this method you could tell it’s mass, orbital period around of the Exoplanets around its star in that star system, as Professor Michel Mayor goes into the Kepler Telescope observation period data.. in the later updates to the EveOnline game you’ll have all access to various data collection that’s collected by various observatories around the world, also the data to analysis from orbital platforms to the James Webb Telescope in which is due to be deployed in the launch calendar of 2018……

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