#STARWARS | #TheLastJedi – Episode eight teaser- introducing- Rey’s story in becoming-discovering more than the force..

“…. The light… Darkness… the Balance there’s so much bigger that’s going on……..” – Rey – Daisy Ridley,

As part of the Star Wars celebration in Orlando 2017 screening on Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong – 15 December 2017 is The  Last Jedi , in which a Special Loving  tribute was presented to the late Carrie Frances Fisher whom played more than the Princess- but a Jedi, General –Princess Leia Organa… As part of the Star Wars celebration in Orlando, presenting The Last Jedi on Rey’s Path off training in becoming a Jedi from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill whom hides in self-exclusion in where the balance of the force originally began on one of the first Jedi Temple among thousands on the Planet Ahch-To.

As Rey-Daisy Ridley begins she is first to taught to breath as she trains, in which partaking in wielding the iconic Anakin Skywalker LightSaber, in partaking  the intense training she sees the balance, in between the light also the dark side of the Force..  as she trains the Sith-Snoke- Kylo-Ren – Ben Solo are planning wonder where Luke Skywalker is residing, in which a massive onslaught by the first order is begins to investigate which he is in, they’re a match up with great resistances, from the Resistance-the Rebellion..

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