#STARWARS #TheLastJedi | #ANA – All Nippon Airways – Star Wars opening theme tune the passengers they sing… ?

”    スター・ウォーズ最後のジェダイ   “

As Star Wars – The Last Jedi is due to screen on the 14th December 2017 in Already in Tomorrow In Hong Kong also in New Zealand too, in which also is the second sequel towards the third trilogy of the Star Wars storyline in which the Skywalker’s household storyline is about to close for the next generation of other storylines in which has been very promenade in the last two trilogies.  As Rey- Daisy Ridley    becomes to understand herself more in which why how she ascertain the use of the Force so extremely prolific than the Grey Jedi Luke Skywalker- Mark Hamill ..  In which pushes towards her more to the balance towards the Grey… as both tries to understand more of the Darker side of the Jedi- The Sith in which Snoke portrays that influence … also the storyline is the aftermath from what left of thirty years ago from the destruction of the second Death Star from the Battle of the Moon Endor, that Rey’s storyline begins on the Planet Jakku also the destruction of the New Jedi Academy ….

As celebrating the events towards the Star Wars the Last Jedi– also is ANA- All Nippon Airways has three Boeing 777-200ER painted out in Star Wars theme liveries of BB-8, R2 D2 also the Protocol Droid C3PO…. In which the premise is set where arriving passengers arrived, ready to be boarded on their destination flight in which is in BB8 liveries.. one passenger begins to stand and starts to sing the Star Wars opening theme tune then one by one the passengers of the boarding flight begins to follow to sings until their flight arrives at their terminal gate..

#StarWars #TheLastJedi | the last Jedi official trailer- intense is the light and the dark it is…


“I need someone to show me my place in all of this..” Rey- Daisy Ridley..

As Star WarsThe Last Jedi  is set out to be release out on the 15th December 2017, in which is set out to be screen on 14th December 2017 in Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, also early in France on the 13th..  The trailer that’s released sets out a premise that seeming that Rey- Daisy Ridley whom becomes Jedi Master Luke Skywalker’s newest Apprentice that’s seeming in the process needing to know her place in all of this conflict between the Jedi also its Darkest discipline the Sith Order.. seeming there are no more light sided Jedi’s only the grey whom knows the both side in which makes them a lot more powerful than the Sith..

Also the seeming that Snoke- Andy Serkis is on the hunt for Rey also Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill, as he pursues to end the Skywalker Household through Ben Solo- Kylo Ren- has he pursues in a massive spatial battlement in which he self-conflicted locking on target on his Mother- General Princess Leia Organa – the late Carrie Fisher…

Looking in between Rey and Luke’s relationship in between the training with his father lightsaber that once belonged to Anakin Skywalker now’s its Rey’s,   seeming Luke is afraid more of Rey due to she’s becoming more powerfully than him as they both train up in the Jedi first temple on Arch-To… In which later in storyline thousands more temples spread out throughout the galaxy in which as from the last time you’ve seen Rey walking up the mountains island you discovered a Force Tree.. Learning from also from the older text of the order… also soon to be release out soon is Star Wars Battlefront two with more insight into the storylines..

#STARWARS | #TheLastJedi – Episode eight teaser- introducing- Rey’s story in becoming-discovering more than the force..

“…. The light… Darkness… the Balance there’s so much bigger that’s going on……..” – Rey – Daisy Ridley,

As part of the Star Wars celebration in Orlando 2017 screening on Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong – 15 December 2017 is The  Last Jedi , in which a Special Loving  tribute was presented to the late Carrie Frances Fisher whom played more than the Princess- but a Jedi, General –Princess Leia Organa… As part of the Star Wars celebration in Orlando, presenting The Last Jedi on Rey’s Path off training in becoming a Jedi from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill whom hides in self-exclusion in where the balance of the force originally began on one of the first Jedi Temple among thousands on the Planet Ahch-To.

As Rey-Daisy Ridley begins she is first to taught to breath as she trains, in which partaking in wielding the iconic Anakin Skywalker LightSaber, in partaking  the intense training she sees the balance, in between the light also the dark side of the Force..  as she trains the Sith-Snoke- Kylo-Ren – Ben Solo are planning wonder where Luke Skywalker is residing, in which a massive onslaught by the first order is begins to investigate which he is in, they’re a match up with great resistances, from the Resistance-the Rebellion..

STAR WARS | Episode eight, production continues…

As the next sequence of events continues from “Star Wars” episode seven after when we left off with Rey finding the self-exile Jedi Master Luke Skywalker ( Mark Hamill ) whom taken a heavy toll of what has happen in the past regarding to his nephew Kylo Ren.. Also his school… Who was brought in turn oil, and finding there’s someone behind the scenes…?

In this filming for Episode eight written by written and directed by Rian Johnson. , production wise has left of where Rey finally met Luke Skwalker on location on remote island of Ireland… as presuming Rey (Daisy Ridley)  wanting more answers about whom is she, who is her parents, how did she quickly regain the knowledge usage of the midi chlorians,  the force. Among with many question as she wanting to ask Luke, but looking he’s hurt, knowing that Han Solo, his brother in law has been killed by his own son as he exiles himself in a very ancient Jedi temple where the Light and Dark side co-exist together…it should be interesting to see what  happen next.. whether Rey would know herself  as Luke tells her more..

STAR WARS |Seven- the force Awakens – the second teaser trailer…


“….. The force is strong in my Family.. My Father Has it… I have it… my Sister has it.… You have that Power too….. “

As Luke Skywalker spoken those words In a in a barren world akin to like Tatooine in a desert like world call thinking that they have exile themselves there, after the battle of the Moon Endor as thinking have they gone into hiding after all these 30 years has the New Republic is form out from the Rebel Alliance that is now call the Resistance akin likes to the French Resistances in World War two was shown in During the Anaheim Celebration 2015 of “Star Wars” the second trailer is release to the long awaiting fans whom attended the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim in April 2015 this year…  in the long awaiting Storyline Saga of the Skywalker household… how in 30 years after “Return of the Jedi”  Also those years after the battlement of moon Endor change everything.. in between the Imperial forces dominances.. And the rebels storyline written out by Lawrence Kasdan & Abrams also directing…

In this we see a new Sleeper group the Imperial forces arising out from the ashes from their defeat and more secretly advanced than ever in a clandestine operation manner as they flee they gather to fight the  Resistances buying their time to strike back.as the newly armoured stormtroopers and the chrome like Tie Fighters. With a new mysterious adversaries akiness to the Storm Trooper Bounty Hunter and that Sith with the Medieval like Lightsaber with those hand guards guessing that does Darth Sidious have someone in as backup.. Just in case the Sith falls..

Interesting to see the two new protagonists, Daisy Ridley’s Character Rey with John Boyega’s Finn storyline as the two meet as the conflict has brought to Rey’s home and finding Finn lost awaking in in Rey’s Desert  Home world… And seeing how there storyline pans out adventuring as those too of a very aged Harrison Ford’s Han Solo and Peter Mayhew’s Chewbacca.. Seeming either that finding themselves back home with the Millennium Falcon after seeming it’s been lost for some time or it’s being in storage…seeing that the force awaken on 18th December 2015 screening…