STAR WARS | Episode eight, production continues…

As the next sequence of events continues from “Star Wars” episode seven after when we left off with Rey finding the self-exile Jedi Master Luke Skywalker ( Mark Hamill ) whom taken a heavy toll of what has happen in the past regarding to his nephew Kylo Ren.. Also his school… Who was brought in turn oil, and finding there’s someone behind the scenes…?

In this filming for Episode eight written by written and directed by Rian Johnson. , production wise has left of where Rey finally met Luke Skwalker on location on remote island of Ireland… as presuming Rey (Daisy Ridley)  wanting more answers about whom is she, who is her parents, how did she quickly regain the knowledge usage of the midi chlorians,  the force. Among with many question as she wanting to ask Luke, but looking he’s hurt, knowing that Han Solo, his brother in law has been killed by his own son as he exiles himself in a very ancient Jedi temple where the Light and Dark side co-exist together…it should be interesting to see what  happen next.. whether Rey would know herself  as Luke tells her more..

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