Using a alpha filter you can see the sunspots..
Using a alpha filter you can see the sunspots..


Early morning March  was weathered with clumps of clouds started to roam nomadically across the Auckland morning skies landscape… As during the morning in setting up the scope for solar viewing, with a temporary modifying by  removing the finder scope for just in case to stop people of looking through them as a very important precaution..  Then applying the alpha fitter in front of the Telescope then taping with duct tape to seal off any light leakage from the sun entering ..

Using the Mead LX200 eight inch, maneuvering it viewing position in directly to the sun… And finding that ambered disc glow in the light funnel of the telescope in the lens in which you knowing have the sun in view filtered safely then locking in the view….

The interesting parts of the sun, is always the sunspots, there was a few of them across the sun, they’re an interesting anomaly on the sun’s Photo sphere in which the anomaly’s temperature is reduced in compare to the surroundings in due to the concentrations of the magnetic field flux that inhibit  convention on the photo sphere….in which looking on that day there was a dozen string of sunspots tracing from the lower hemisphere left to the direction of the equator of the sun in various sizes much larger than the planet Earth….

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