BOEING | the self-cleaning inflight bathroom…


As hygiene also heath is vitally important in flight when travelling in between short and long haul, the bathroom is just as important of the inflight experiences as when you book that comfortable chair whether it’s on economy to first class…. With new technologies the aircraft’s bathroom with customer innovation utilizing with touchless technologies so removing that least needed of touching bathroom facets, also the need of instant cleaning using the a special spectrum of ultra violet light that allows surfaces to be clean, while the bathroom is empty..

Looking at the” Boeing” self-cleaning bathroom, it has many locational applications, used in various locations, like in hospitals, where in getting in those hard to clean places are difficult where hygiene is most important, same goes for when you look at this in homes for the disable, whom bathroom is needs in constant cleaning, also for the common home where it’s the next level to have that home customization with those features in having fresh water filtered by UV light..

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