BOEING | the self-cleaning inflight bathroom…


As hygiene also heath is vitally important in flight when travelling in between short and long haul, the bathroom is just as important of the inflight experiences as when you book that comfortable chair whether it’s on economy to first class…. With new technologies the aircraft’s bathroom with customer innovation utilizing with touchless technologies so removing that least needed of touching bathroom facets, also the need of instant cleaning using the a special spectrum of ultra violet light that allows surfaces to be clean, while the bathroom is empty..

Looking at the” Boeing” self-cleaning bathroom, it has many locational applications, used in various locations, like in hospitals, where in getting in those hard to clean places are difficult where hygiene is most important, same goes for when you look at this in homes for the disable, whom bathroom is needs in constant cleaning, also for the common home where it’s the next level to have that home customization with those features in having fresh water filtered by UV light..

STAR WARS | something for your home warming- your Millennium Falcon Printed Rug…?

think geek- star wars- a warm millennium falcon rug


If you’re wondering how to warm up your lounge or bedroom with those wooden floors, with winter coming along the way with wearing those warm socks in keep your feet extra warm. Then this “Millennium Falcon Printed Rug” might do the trick in keep you warm during winter even though you might have woolen carpet laid out on the floor … The Millennium Falcon Printed Rug is about 79 X 59 inches, that’s roughly about 2 meters by one meter and half, so that should give you enough boldly coverage to laid or rest on..  the rug itself, is beautifully detail, with all the details of the top elevation of the Millennium Falcon.. with the rightful decaled colours… it’s 100% polyester so composition makeup would hold enough warmth that you applied to it..

STAR WARS | that no moon -it’s a Death Star Rug..?

thinkgeek-star wars death star rug

It’s still wintery over here and it’s this morning was three degrees Celsius… very cold enough to make by sock covered feet frozen also.. Also sometimes I read sitting down on the carpet floor… but somehow today this “Death star Rug” might do the trick in sitting down warm for the day… Given that you have a Star Wars bedroom then this will be great to sit on either reading your novels, listening to music while you do work…

The Death Star Rug is about 1.3 meters or 52 inches in diameter… and its tapestry composition is in polyester pile it quite detail to the extent it has three Tie Fighters embossed into the printed rug… Also in which is easily cleanable, but… With is size it makes a very good room to spread your legs out for comfort… wrap around in that warm comfy “Han Solo carbonite Rug”