#STARWARS – #ROGUEONE | #DEATHSTAR- A Star Wars Story- #RECON in 360 degrees experience….

“ That’s too big to be a space Station………?”

Think it’s best to turn up the resolution and volume when you immersive yourself in the building up towards “Star Wars- Rogue one” A Star Wars Story on the 18 December 2016, in which a band of new formed group known as Rogue One, investigates also the obtaining of the plans of the Death Star, leading the charging group is Jyn Erso – Daisy Ridley, hoping to find her father in the process whom is the chief designer of the Death Star..  In this is the prequel storyline of what’s to come in the in this “ILMxLAB  360 degrees experience” as you approach into investigating an area of unknown territory, in which you have you wing man and R2 unit until you found a heavily protective area full of star destroyers with something as large a small moon but, only nearly completion with a unfinished hollow cavity which later in the process that will become one devastating weapon..  Something that the imperial forces wanting to hide…  that you relay what you’ve seen back to Mon Mothma but unexpecting escape is not your prescription…

STAR WARS | that no moon -it’s a Death Star Rug..?

thinkgeek-star wars death star rug

It’s still wintery over here and it’s this morning was three degrees Celsius… very cold enough to make by sock covered feet frozen also.. Also sometimes I read sitting down on the carpet floor… but somehow today this “Death star Rug” might do the trick in sitting down warm for the day… Given that you have a Star Wars bedroom then this will be great to sit on either reading your novels, listening to music while you do work…

The Death Star Rug is about 1.3 meters or 52 inches in diameter… and its tapestry composition is in polyester pile it quite detail to the extent it has three Tie Fighters embossed into the printed rug… Also in which is easily cleanable, but… With is size it makes a very good room to spread your legs out for comfort… wrap around in that warm comfy “Han Solo carbonite Rug”