DOCTOR WHO | THE FEMALE DOCTOR – the Pond in the courtyard..

After drawing up the charts, and finding an old school stylize slivery scientific calculator, with the green LED’s showing the agreeable result, after dialing up a few numbers, functions and calculations after manipulating a few physics equations mathematically…   in finding the right equation.. And finding the right term for Gravity velocity.. Repeatlying the process least fifty calculations, scribing the results on a well written format A4 size graph paper, on a table.. And finding the average of entering the data on the calculator with the statistic mode on.. As I push the data one by one, as I entered in the early hours of the morning… entered the data.. Finding the average and the sequences of numbers pointed out to 9.82 meters per second…. With that in mind… Thinking Shouting out loud” Yes.. !!!” Standing up emoting cleating my fist expressively in the air… “Take that Sir Isaac Newton… …” then finding a very cold cup of coffee, drinking it moving on to the next question which on the text, in finding a proof equation towards to finding Ohm Laws with an Omega symbol… Thinking that name sounds very similar as I find the complex equations in finding Ohms…

As I progressively worked on this Ohms proof throughout the morning until hitting five in the morning with my A4 size notebook taking most of my penciled in equations page after page… then eventually finding it..  in feeling the sense yes as before after finding the velocity of gravity.. Standing up.. then finding a peacefully view of the oriental study windows opened.. Then looking out onto a large pond in the courtyard..

As I rose up from my chair noticing it was getting windy all for an unexpected reason, that it’s forecast to be a very still warm morning… as I walked towards the doorway arch… onto the Chinese style balcony.. That’s sits over the pond, a white flash starting to appear.. With a sort of that haunting damage wropping groan sound, that’s looks like a box appeared.. Making it out to be black with a gilt of ink reflective blue, but knowing it was dark. It could be any colour during the day..



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