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On 23rd March 2018 it’s the date of Pacific Rim Uprising..  It’s been decade since the fall the of Kaiju breach in the Pacific Ocean… In which that incident is now call the “Battle of the Breach in which those absence decade years, the Jaeger program has been constant evolving in its development as one of many the key planetary Defense systems for this planet Earth also the Solar System.. Its Call PPDC- Pan Pacific Defense Corps…

Up to now the War with the Kaiju, in which they been lying sleeping awaitingly for the right moment to strike… In the second episode the Pacific Rim Uprising sets a different story with the new Jaeger pilots whom rediscover themselves with the mentoring of the previous generations of pilots whom fought in the Breach….  The storyline continues around with two individuals… Jake Pentecost-Jake Boyega-Star Wars third trilogy.. As pilot whom lost his way until he find himself back in his own right to carry onwards his Father whom was so Legendary as a Jaeger pilot…  among helping him along is his sister, whom estranged Mako Mori- Rinko Kikuchi whom is just as equal to her brother.. As they’re the shade of their parents… As the storyline continues they’re meet up by a gifted young pilot Lambert also a hacker Amara- Cailee Spaeny- as the three meet they become an interesting team for the PPDC also featuring the second episode is directing by Steven S. DeKnight, wirtten by T.S. Nowlin also Featuring is increasingly known Chinese Actress Jing Tian- Liwen Shoa – The Great Wall as Grand General Lin Mae, with Burn Gorman, Adria Arjona and Charlie Day… as they battled out with the largest Kaiju genetically assembled on a colossal scale.. it should be interesting what’s installed for the third episode…….?

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