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One of many facilities of SpaceX is it’s testing facilities one of two, one is located in McGregor Texas in which is currently used for its multitude various iconic new engines, research, also development before its roll out onto to actual practical launch pad for commercial use..  in which this one is also responsible of testing out reusable testing launching systems that which made SpaceX iconic with its Falcon nine reusable systems in an accelerated rapid turnaround..

The McGregor Texas Facilities, is designed to primarily at first to test out the grasshopper system in which makes the Falcon nine also its next generation of SpaceX rocket reusable in which of it’s High altitude and velocity systems..  Also it’s where the Dragon reusable manned and Unmanned is tested out also..  Within the Facilities it’s a certification processing department for the merlin engines that orthough it manufactured in company’s California’s Hawthorne Headquarters, most of the systems get certified before it rolls onto the East Coast launch pad at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center iconic Launch Complex 39A, nearby on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on its currently under repairs launch complexes.  Apart from the East Coast it also has a West Coast launch complex at Vandenberg Air force Base, in where it also has a Space Shuttle Vertical Assembly Building with a ready to launch pad nearby..

The McGregor Facility makes sense in which it’s basically rural farm land it accommodate safety to the public besides the resident cattle nearby…..Also it makes testing new and current equipment with its three test stands that’s dedicated to the Falcon nine reusable..  Also engine testing.. With its current testing to date over four thousand Merlin Engines with fifty more clustered Merlin engine testing….  In which is presumably the McGregor facilities is going to get more development as the BFR-interplanetary Rocket takes shape as a interplanetary also a Space-Airliner systems aswell.. From a Quiet farmland that rustle tamely cattle in the area with a abandon world war two Mutations factory transforming into an industry that became from the late 20th century…..

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