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In the recent episode of Terminator Genesys, plays a very different premise where the leader of the resistance is not what he appears to be is as we see in the previous episodes. Where this is the fall of the John Conner, the leader of the resistances whom falls prey in becoming the machines he is sought to destroys.. in this a different time line is created after several events in leading to this conclusion.. Where the only person is need saving is his father whom from the past, that boy, his father Kyle Reese..

In this is the visual break down of the how the visual effects are put together, digitally, compositionally with the physical elements from the production where in behind the green screen, where with layers of different elements of storylines with one creating from that mesh characters, animated fleshed out into that one scenes, or various sets of the film like that moment of a younger T-800 battling with its rouge older Arnold’s counterpart … to the graveyard of LAX and San Francisco..

Music in this provide by “ A Planet to Conquer’ Composed by Philippe Rey ..

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