Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.


As the Doctor Who – twice upon Time – Christmas Special 2017 sets on Christmas Day on the 25th December in which screens on BBC One – 1730 Hours London Time… in Twice Upon Time, which we’ll see the three The introduction of 13th – Jodie Whitaker also Doctors 12th Doctor –Peter Capaldi then the first Doctor- replayed by David Bradley in remembering William Harnell’s as the first Doctor..  Will be joining up with the current Christmas Special in a world war one premise in which Bill Potts- Pearl Mackie will be surprisingly written up in the episode with written by Steven Moffat directed by Rachel Talalay…

As the two Doctors the first and the twelfth meet up in a snowy environment in which Twelfth refuses to regenerate as the first reiterated ‘ I’m thee Doctor”  so does the two of the same of Tardis.. in this time lapse shows the construction of inbetween of first and the Twelfth TARDIS constructed at the same time.. In which should be interesting to see Jodie Whitaker’s Tardis outlook as of inside as what would her new desktop theme would be..

“Also have a very merry safe adventuring Christmas everyone as I’m Keyboarding on Christmas Day.. “

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