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On 6th May 2016, we’ll see the conclusion of various events that led up to this moment where the Avengers initiative is in turmoil as also the collapse of the organisation of Shied in the previous episode is growing back with the help of Team Colson.. In this it’s Captain America’s loyalty is being put to the test as he’s discovers what happens to his world war two buddy, Buckey.. as he’s in confinement somewhere..

As the organisation Avengers is going through major internal changes due to  recent events, of New York, Washington with the collapse of Shield and rise and fall of Hydra… Also the most recent in somewhere in Eastern Europe.. In Sokovia… where the world is afraid, afraid is not the vocabulary that they’re after…. So a self-monitoring is actioned, in that Captain America didn’t like the idea in which leads to conflicts with Tony Stark- iron man in result Tony stark is on the losing end in persuaded of his fallen friend at first Tony seems the losing end till some he knew comes along, That’s Spiderman in which should be interesting to see how he plays out in this episode……

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