DOCTOR WHO | Rubber Toe – twelve Doctor’s new sonic screwdriver replica..


As from the last episode of “Doctor who” from an epic series… With two epic episodes in which have cliff hangers of both Hell Bent, also Heaven sent… in where we have the introduction of the Story Arcs of one of two Hybrids, Clara Oswald and how she became the female Doctor of the Doctor..

During the, last moments of that Heaven sent.. We see the Doctor remembering whom is that Diner girl slowly is, as he searches whom in what Clara looks like.. Until he finds, realize whom she is on that memorial picture … in that scene following we see the TARDIS, switch back on after five billion years, of being slumber..  In which a New Sonic Screwdriver is presented.. After The Doctor lost the one he had long time ago..  In which this one is different… It’s more TARDIS centrically theme… With the blue rectangular column… with steam punk handles in which shows, the outlines of control console columns… in which “ Rubber Toe” has produced with working lights, and sounds. Given that you follow them on Instagram then you’ll know how hard they’ve worked in producing the exact duplicate...!

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