#MARVEL SQUARE-ENIX | #RESEMBLE- #AVENGERS Project announcement…..

“They say the time heroes are over …. That you’re different you’re dangerous… But I know the Truth… The World always needs Heroes.. Just need to #RESSEMBLE…..”

This coming next few years in the launch of 2018, there’s an interesting assemble of collaborations together in with “Square-Enix” “Crystal Dynamics- Eidos” also with “Marvel Entertainment” the team that brought you the Final Fantasy series, Lady Lara Croft- Tomb Raider, also the team that brought the Avengers… also as part of the collaboration process Lauded Deus EX Developer Eidos-Montreal..

The Partnership is on a multi- year, Multi-gaming partnership within the collaboration, the gaming which is set to be release on the 2018, will be based on iconic elements of the films, from Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, also other iconic characters adventures of the various Avengers films in which with original story telling in giving the intense immersive content also as with downloadable new stories to come..

MARVEL | Captain America – Civil war


On 6th May 2016, we’ll see the conclusion of various events that led up to this moment where the Avengers initiative is in turmoil as also the collapse of the organisation of Shied in the previous episode is growing back with the help of Team Colson.. In this it’s Captain America’s loyalty is being put to the test as he’s discovers what happens to his world war two buddy, Buckey.. as he’s in confinement somewhere..

As the organisation Avengers is going through major internal changes due to  recent events, of New York, Washington with the collapse of Shield and rise and fall of Hydra… Also the most recent in somewhere in Eastern Europe.. In Sokovia… where the world is afraid, afraid is not the vocabulary that they’re after…. So a self-monitoring is actioned, in that Captain America didn’t like the idea in which leads to conflicts with Tony Stark- iron man in result Tony stark is on the losing end in persuaded of his fallen friend at first Tony seems the losing end till some he knew comes along, That’s Spiderman in which should be interesting to see how he plays out in this episode……

MARVEL | Avengers age of Ultron – second Trailer coming up….?


As the Avengers survives the Demise of “SHIELD” also it reconstruction of it as its storyline in “ Marvels Agents of SHIELD” as now rebuilding  Director Colson taken from Director Nick Fury.. After it has been infiltrated by HYDRA…   The Avengers face a new element of threat is Ultron… in this could one of the breaking points in which defines them…  in which the film is set to screen on theaters 1st May 2015.. in which hopefully explore of clues what’s to come in the “Avengers – age of Ultron!”

As for the second trailer in which comes out on 12th January 2015 during the College Football National Championships in which is featured on “ESPN”  on 2030 hours Eastern time..

MARVEL | captain America-the winter solider – first bloopers reel…?

During filming of any movie or television series there’s always out takes, deleted scenes…. But the best ones are the bloopers that the cast and crew experience together in providing that perfect shooting in multiples of misplaced remembering dialogues in that storyline but couldn’t somehow bring it out but quickly impromptu become very handy …

In this we many gag cut scenes from “Marvels Captain America – the winter solider” …. Ranging from scenes in interior of SHIELD to the scenes where Captain America flights in blending in with the crowds…as the organisation that he work for has been brought down by Hydra and Director Fury is missingly underground seen on the Marvels –agents of SHEILD ..

3D PRINTING | Making Yourself reliving into that Marvel Character that you want to be…?

During Comic Con San Diego 2014, at the “Marvel” Studio “3Dplus Me” Stand, there’s one pretty cool thing interestingly that you could have yourself 3D printed into your favorite Marvel Characters, with your imprinted scan Face as you sit on the opposing side of the booth.. As once 3D Systems did for 3Dme for your “Star Trek- the Original series characters”

The process takes that you sit on the opposing side of the booth, wait for slight while as the facial scan of you face getting every single possible geometrical detail in scale, and photo as it imprinted onto the scan to get the facial colour tones…the process is quite very simple..

Then you pick the Marvel Characters that you what to relive in through a selection process, then you enter your details of delivery where you want to send to..  then you see  yourself reliving been that Super Hero Character..