#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#January2021 #CAST #ChinaAerospaceScienceAndTechnologyCorporation | #FirstAcademy manufacturing that first large #CarrierRocket durable diameter composite liquid oxygen tank…..

During the month of January 2021 – CNSA – China National Space Administration CAST – China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation – China – Peoples’ Republic of China Printed out  The first domestic 3.35m diameter composite liquid oxygen tank was born….. That Printing occurred on  January 22, my country’s first 3.35m diameter composite material tank prototype was born in the First Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group. The storage tank is mainly used in liquid oxygen environment. Compared with the metal storage tank, it can reduce the weight by 30% and has higher strength. It can greatly improve the structural efficiency and carrying capacity of the rocket. It is a new type of lightweight storage tank. The birth of the prototype of the composite material storage tank marks that my country has broken the foreign monopoly and has become one of the few countries in the world that has the ability to design and manufacture composite material storage tanks.

Successfully developing  two new types of rocket storage tanks, which can increase the capacity of rockets] Recently, my country has made new progress in the development of new type of carrier rocket storage tanks: China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation First Academy has assembled domestic superior forces and successfully developed my country’s first 3. The 35-meter diameter aluminum-lithium alloy storage tank engineering prototype and the composite material storage tank principle prototype will further reduce the weight of the rocket body and increase the rocket’s capacity.

“The capacity of the launch vehicle is as large as the space stage.” The storage tank occupies more than 50% of the weight and space of the rocket’s structure, and the fuel filled inside it accounts for more than 90% of the total weight of the rocket. The weight reduction of the tank is of great significance for improving the carrying capacity of the rocket.

Not long ago, the First Institute successfully developed my country’s first 3.35-meter-diameter aluminum-lithium alloy rocket storage tank, which has passed the tests of various links and has good performance, and initially has engineering application conditions. The storage tank uses the third-generation high-performance aluminum-lithium alloy. Compared with the current international mainstream aluminum-copper alloy storage tank, the strength is increased by about 30%, and the structural weight is reduced by more than 15% under the same conditions.

According to the material classification, aluminum alloy storage tanks are divided into the first generation aluminum-magnesium alloy storage tank, the second generation aluminum-copper alloy storage tank and the third generation aluminum-lithium alloy storage tank. Compared with traditional aluminum-copper alloys, the strength and rigidity of aluminum-lithium alloys have been significantly improved, but the density has dropped by 3%-5%, which is precious for rockets whose capacity is calculated by weight.

Due to the relatively high price of aluminum-lithium alloy, the current world aerospace powers mainly use aluminum-lithium alloy in the final stage of the rocket. The weight loss of the last stage of the rocket is 1 kg, which is equivalent to an increase of 1 kg in the rocket carrying capacity.

In the future, China – People’s Republic of China  3.35-meter aluminum-lithium alloy storage tank is intended to be mainly used in the final stage of a new generation of carrier rockets to improve the structural efficiency and carrying capacity of the Long March 5, Long March 7 and Long March 8 rockets. Lay the foundation for the development of a new generation of manned rocket.

In addition to metal materials, the application of composite materials can also greatly reduce the weight of the tank. On January 22, also it’s the first 3.35-meter-diameter composite material storage tank prototype was born in the First Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group. The storage tank is mainly used in liquid oxygen environment. Compared with the metal storage tank, it can reduce the weight by 30% and has higher strength. It can greatly improve the structural efficiency and carrying capacity of the rocket. It is a new type of lightweight storage tank.

The density of the composite material is about 1.7g/cm3, the density of the aluminum-lithium alloy is 2.7g/cm3, and the specific strength of the composite material is 6 times that of the aluminum-lithium alloy. Compared with the metal materials used in the current rocket tank structure, composite materials have the advantages of lower density, higher specific strength, and better fatigue resistance.

In addition, the composite material tank also has the advantages of fewer production processes and short cycle times, which can further reduce the overall cost of the rocket.

At present, composite storage tanks are mainly used in a specific liquid oxygen environment and can be used in the final stage of a rocket. In the follow-up, the development team will also carry out a series of assessment tests and evaluations on the 3.35-meter composite material storage tank principle prototype, further carry out key technology research, improve the technical maturity of the composite material storage tank, and promote the application of the composite material storage tank in rockets. , To truly give play to the major advantages of composite material storage tanks in terms of light weight and high strength, to help the future rocket structure significantly reduce weight and improve carrying capacity.

#Emirates #3DPrinting | #3DSystems – Changing the innovating the supply chain equation with additive Manufacturing….. changing the nature of inventory logistics..


When it comes to parts inventory or logistics for maintaining a fleets of various Aircraft in airliner, or back in the STS-Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle Program massive amount of aviation parts warehouse were built to house various from critical major to minor components in which getting those spare parts can for those aircraft can be delivery timely from the suppliers or manufacturers…… in which Emirates Airlines have been looking for innovative alternatives since 2014 to getting Bespoke parts…

One innovative solution is done in with collaboration with 3D systems among with Emirates Airlines is finding ways of replacing interior cabin parts in which having by passing the manufacturer of origin in a rapid amount of time, in which of manufacturing those parts inhouse of reverse engineering those parts with 3D scanning then enabling those scans into a Computer Aid Design 3D printing software with then 3D Printing in also the Airliner doesn’t own the CAD files.. in which innovation leads obtaining the reverse engineering into parametric CAD files that becomes your tooling.. Then the powder plastic becomes your inventory..  …

This additive manufacturing leads to non-constraints of design rules it allows you to gives an extra edge of creatively from 3D printing the venation grids in which leading towards the using SLS fire retardant materials printing in which the material becomes stronger than the original material used for the cabin interior also ready available.. in which creates a cost effective logistics inventory….

STAR TREK ONLINE- #3Dprinting | Soon you could 3D print your own Starships from your shipyard..

STAR TREK ONLINE-Eucl3D 3D printed- 12 Inch long scale version of the 437 meters Pathfinder Class -long range science vessel Class

“Cryptic Studios,-Perfect world Star Trek Online”, CBS are partnering up with “Eucl3D” on something in the making also in the process in which, now presently soon you could 3D print your own Starship that you’ve been captaining, tuning, modifying in your shipyard, or drydock that’ve you been working hard over the years of earning those ships that you’ve been adventuring reliving those moments you have command your ship, throughout the Milky Way galaxy also through the four quadrants..

Given the leveling amount of customization of your ship, you can have that customization 3D printed on a 12 inch (30.5 cm long) long scale model of your starship, on a transparent tripod stand… In which whether it’s Federation, Roluman, Klingon.. With given four hundred ships combinations within the game, give millions of customization combinations as well options ships materials and colour variants, shields, with the starship name that you’ve chosen registry with…. Further additional details on pricing will be coming soon will keep you posted once they arrive…

WARCRAFT-WETA | Constructing Durotan the Orc for Madame Tussaud’s London….


As Madame Tussaud’s newest residences in London is featuring Durotan, also other characters from Lothar form the movie Warcraft based on Legendary studio and production of the World of Warcraft MMORPG,   in which is now in screening  at the moment for the southern hemisphere winter season of 2016….  One of the newly acquired residences is Durotan, Durotan is constructed out from animation components of the film in which has taken 2711 hours , 55 technicians,  80 kilograms of clay to 3D printed the structure also other components are molded structured out from clay to form the cast later on in which the structure of Durotan taken ninety silicon molds, seven fiberglass components combining with ninety Kilograms of steel skeleton to hold the structure together as all the components are assemble the crew taken over hundreds of hours of painting.. With incredible detail like the ANZAC works that can be found in Tepa in Wellington..  with that incredible detail 463 hours of hair installments  with 15 meters of leather to costume 2.2 meter tall life size figure of Durotan..   it should be interesting to see what other characters of Weta Workshop has constructed for the Warcraft residences..

3D PRINTING | Vowsmith – customizing Jewellry for your special moments…


One of the most traditional ways of making a ring when you wonder as you look at yours around your fingers it’s started from design on paper then  it gets crafted in molded clay or constructed in metal then casted like the same way it’s been done like weapons fabrication of sword.. Then it gets polished refined crafted with the beautifully gem stones set in that delicate durable setting..

Until today when technology catches up when 3D printing comes into the equation off designing it on a computer with a 3D printed CAD software type to aid in the creating that unique crafted design digitally when “Vowsmith”   decidedly to be innovative of creating that mold of the customed crafted ring within the software then it gets 3D printed with a “3D Systems Multi Jet Printer” as it gets printed it’s gets glued to a holding post so it gets securely prepared in the mold for casting..  Once casted metallically it’s finished polishing at the Jewelers workshop with the Jem Stones then its gets sent to the customer…

It comes in different metal finishes in either, Platinum, white yellow or rose gold in various mixture in durable fourteen or eighteen Karats with three Diamonds in .267 Carats size intended settings for everyday wear as the design is very simple for and there’s no raise settings in which could not catch or tear the fabrics of a dress or clothing …