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STAR TREK ONLINE-Eucl3D 3D printed- 12 Inch long scale version of the 437 meters Pathfinder Class -long range science vessel Class

“Cryptic Studios,-Perfect world Star Trek Online”, CBS are partnering up with “Eucl3D” on something in the making also in the process in which, now presently soon you could 3D print your own Starship that you’ve been captaining, tuning, modifying in your shipyard, or drydock that’ve you been working hard over the years of earning those ships that you’ve been adventuring reliving those moments you have command your ship, throughout the Milky Way galaxy also through the four quadrants..

Given the leveling amount of customization of your ship, you can have that customization 3D printed on a 12 inch (30.5 cm long) long scale model of your starship, on a transparent tripod stand… In which whether it’s Federation, Roluman, Klingon.. With given four hundred ships combinations within the game, give millions of customization combinations as well options ships materials and colour variants, shields, with the starship name that you’ve chosen registry with…. Further additional details on pricing will be coming soon will keep you posted once they arrive…

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