#Emirates #3DPrinting | #3DSystems – Changing the innovating the supply chain equation with additive Manufacturing….. changing the nature of inventory logistics..


When it comes to parts inventory or logistics for maintaining a fleets of various Aircraft in airliner, or back in the STS-Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle Program massive amount of aviation parts warehouse were built to house various from critical major to minor components in which getting those spare parts can for those aircraft can be delivery timely from the suppliers or manufacturers…… in which Emirates Airlines have been looking for innovative alternatives since 2014 to getting Bespoke parts…

One innovative solution is done in with collaboration with 3D systems among with Emirates Airlines is finding ways of replacing interior cabin parts in which having by passing the manufacturer of origin in a rapid amount of time, in which of manufacturing those parts inhouse of reverse engineering those parts with 3D scanning then enabling those scans into a Computer Aid Design 3D printing software with then 3D Printing in also the Airliner doesn’t own the CAD files.. in which innovation leads obtaining the reverse engineering into parametric CAD files that becomes your tooling.. Then the powder plastic becomes your inventory..  …

This additive manufacturing leads to non-constraints of design rules it allows you to gives an extra edge of creatively from 3D printing the venation grids in which leading towards the using SLS fire retardant materials printing in which the material becomes stronger than the original material used for the cabin interior also ready available.. in which creates a cost effective logistics inventory….

3D PRINTING | Printing your sweets…?


During “CES 2015““3Dsystems” introducing their new 3D printer where it prints out customization of sweets… where that introduction of “ChefJet” also it’s a first aswell.. As now it’s a fully certified professionally ready kitchen 3D printer… in which is expected in the second half of  the year 2015…

As during the CES 2015 “Liz von Hasseln “ the Creative Director of Food Products explains that the ChefJet works with different variety of recipes,  like  a sugar recipe that dissolves in drinks,  making integral cake toppers… ,   also it prints out in variety of sweets such as chocolate, candy.. With this in mind it  brings out and enhances the skillset levels in designing baking cakes in where when baking wedding cakes  required that extra level of customizing detailing or any other cake..

The ChefJet is a fully colour printer in which in which the flavors that it prints out comes in various flavoring profiles.. in which a cooking printing software comes with it to add to that magic with a cookbook.. as it prints out in various of in colour flavors of Chocolate, vanilla , mint,  apple Cherry…

3D PRINTING – FASHION | fashionably jewellery accessorizing ….?


When we dressing up for the night or the occasion, and finding working  a lots, meaning that not having the time  going  around to the malls in finding that piece of Jewelry to accessories that dress that’s in your wardrobe or you just collected that custom ordered dress online and  it’s hanging on a standalone wardrobe.. .. .

As your race away in planning and working from home or working … One way of is accessorizing.. Is having your accessories 3D printed   out from home featured” Cube 3- 3Dsystems 3D printer” in which will materially print on PLA plus ABS Plastics… as you scheduled the right  finding Jewelry pieces online  to accessorized that dress or that wardrobe you had in mind for the day..


3D PRINTING | Fashionable Printed Dresses- Iris Van Herpen

On during the month of October 2014 in Paris France “Iris Van Herpen design” her collection of her Spring Summer collection of 2015 – “Magnetic Motion” took to the runway in which the collection inspired by the LHC –the Large Hadron collider at “CERN” in that inspiration collection is the creation of 3D printed dress in custom fitting semi-translucent SLA, also in creating, creatively designed Jackets, Heels, skirts, in custom body formed..

In this collection a magical semi translucent Strapless mini dress was on a runway model custom tailored for a Dutch model Lekeiene Stange… The process was to scan a dressmaker to fit Lekeiene form to finalised the printed dress in using a process SLA-sterolithography in getting that magical translucent texture in collaboration with “3D systems” in using a PROX 950 machine…The collection is very minimalist colour palettes of white, black, and blue… also that semi-translucent of the garments creates an additional asset with beautifully illuminating crystalizing printed micro webbing… in creating that particle collisions, and magnetic fields that occupies the LHC..

3D PRINTING | one way of planning see your expanding house…?

This is one way of pre-planning your next house extension is where “You Tuber Robert Cummings” thinking of an Architectural project of extension,  of extending a or his  house and how it would look like by presenting the first primary house structure with the “3D printed House” with the first floor then the second floor with the landscaped property of where the house is located so the client could see the how it looks likes or makes any minor or major  changes that may come into mind before  beginning on the landscaping on the surround ing property or any given any alterations that comes to mind before the real build comes in to real construction comes in to action… Robert produces onto the property plan where of the extension with the additional wing to the house… where it has been 3D printed also to demonstrate the same of the primary part of the wing also to get the view of that part of the property…also as tool for landscaping and Architects to determinedly the clients what they have in mind.. Instead of constructing traditional model making to where it takes time.. Where “3D printing takes” more an ever changing design role in where just in case if there’s that something that needs to be changed quickly….