3D PRINTING | Fashionable Printed Dresses- Iris Van Herpen

On during the month of October 2014 in Paris France “Iris Van Herpen design” her collection of her Spring Summer collection of 2015 – “Magnetic Motion” took to the runway in which the collection inspired by the LHC –the Large Hadron collider at “CERN” in that inspiration collection is the creation of 3D printed dress in custom fitting semi-translucent SLA, also in creating, creatively designed Jackets, Heels, skirts, in custom body formed..

In this collection a magical semi translucent Strapless mini dress was on a runway model custom tailored for a Dutch model Lekeiene Stange… The process was to scan a dressmaker to fit Lekeiene form to finalised the printed dress in using a process SLA-sterolithography in getting that magical translucent texture in collaboration with “3D systems” in using a PROX 950 machine…The collection is very minimalist colour palettes of white, black, and blue… also that semi-translucent of the garments creates an additional asset with beautifully illuminating crystalizing printed micro webbing… in creating that particle collisions, and magnetic fields that occupies the LHC..