#BOEING | #B787-10 # Dreamliner #B737Max9- Aerially ballet dancing together seamlessly ….

As to the leading up to the Paris Air Show 2017, Boeing will be show casing there family of Aircraft commercial, space and Defense… as part of the showcasing their products between 23 June Friday – 26 June Monday 2017, in Paris,  Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Centre, Le Bourget, France …. As they show case their products there’s traditionally demonstration flights around the Exhibition areas …..As part of the demonstration flights that been arrange this is one aspects of flight expected during the as from this flown over the Washington State earlier this month, of its newest sisters of Boeing 737-Max 9 also Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner series… as Boeing Test Pilots also with its team of Chase Aircraft’s, Helicopter flew in formation together in planned flight path..

The footage was film by Airborne films, flown by Boeing Test Pilots Craig Bomben, Tim Berg, and Mike Bryan also Ed Wilson……

MARVEL- CAPTAIN AMERICA | Civil War- Iron man meets the Iron Lady – Paris……………………


As part of the lead up to “Captain America – Civil War” in which the Avengers divided in which one follows Captain America- Steve Rogers the other is Iron Man-Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr)  in that lead up in to the theater release on the month of April 2016…. There was a campaign going in which you’re either on which sides, Captain America or Iron Man…. As part of the Campaign Tony Stark_ Robert Downey Jr, pays with inspirational consul to the Iron Lady in Paris in which is known as the Eiffel Tower a massive construction of the late 19th century built on 1887…. In which of that consul with the Iron Lady.. she chooses Iron Man in her decision..

AIR NEW ZEALAND | an extended where to next…………………………………?


As the summer season heats up this coming December month and for “Air New Zealand”  and where the summer seasons takes you … where in this centrically theme  adventuring, exploring with family friends near and far and celebrating the New Zealand Spirit for intimate moments of  discovery.. as New Zealand singer “ Gin Wingmore” sings you stories that adventures that you find yourselves traveling  in between countries, cities, local neighbourhoods with local experiences ..  In this loving the local fish monger who stays at home and working from morning and earning his feed and saying love you over the person on the other side also the soon to be cute couple where this girl see a boy on the same flight orthough wishing it that could be vice versa that the girl opens up the aircraft window and discover the world that she adventuring too…..

SHANGHAI TANG | the makings of a Autumn winter 2015 campaign…


Filming on location, Paris for the next “Shanghai Tang” Autumn Winter 2015, from the last campaign Bonnie Chen and Wankyu Ryu is back to feature in this campaign with the famous Imperial couple Emperor Henry PuYi and Empress Elisabeth Wanrong look…orthough the making in it shows warm texture materials colours with keeping warm for the Autumn Winter as the collection shows with womenswear with very sharp with warm causal comfort.. So is the Men’s wear… With  Mandarin collars on the shirt and Jacket with Ching Dynasty edge……….

Photographer Alan Gelati

Art Direction: Raffaele Borriello and Jane Lombard

Styling Jean Baptiste Messie

Music Lovely by Tryad

Video: Adelaide Brun and Thibautl Zellner

3D PRINTING | Fashionable Printed Dresses- Iris Van Herpen

On during the month of October 2014 in Paris France “Iris Van Herpen design” her collection of her Spring Summer collection of 2015 – “Magnetic Motion” took to the runway in which the collection inspired by the LHC –the Large Hadron collider at “CERN” in that inspiration collection is the creation of 3D printed dress in custom fitting semi-translucent SLA, also in creating, creatively designed Jackets, Heels, skirts, in custom body formed..

In this collection a magical semi translucent Strapless mini dress was on a runway model custom tailored for a Dutch model Lekeiene Stange… The process was to scan a dressmaker to fit Lekeiene form to finalised the printed dress in using a process SLA-sterolithography in getting that magical translucent texture in collaboration with “3D systems” in using a PROX 950 machine…The collection is very minimalist colour palettes of white, black, and blue… also that semi-translucent of the garments creates an additional asset with beautifully illuminating crystalizing printed micro webbing… in creating that particle collisions, and magnetic fields that occupies the LHC..