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On the months of 5th May 2022   天问一号飞運騎遊達达3亿CNSA – China National Space Administration – ESA – European Space agency Belt and road initiative mars mission…first Mars exploration mission, Tianwen- Martian Probe One  sent back stunning images of the Half Earth Mass size of the Rustic Planet Mars in which show stunning Martian landscape with its iconic polar caps of either southern or northern … With its timeless Stunning Mars Photography. Tianwen-1″ returned high-resolution images of the Mars inspection area The “Zhurong” rover is preparing for winter, and the orbiter continues to carry out orbital exploration…..

As of May 5, 2022, the “Tianwen-1” orbiter has been in orbit for 651 days and is 240 million kilometers away from the earth. The “Zhurong” rover has worked on the surface of Mars for 347 Martian days, with a cumulative travel of 1921 meters, the two devices have accumulated about 940GB of original scientific data, and the operation is normal.

During the ring fire, all seven payloads carried by the “Tianwen-1” orbiter were powered on, and continued to carry out global remote sensing exploration of Mars. Figure 1 is a 0.8 m/pixel image taken by a high-resolution camera on April 17, 2022, of the Triolle crater on Mars, showing the “seasonal slope pattern” on the crater wall. Figure 2 is a local landform image of the Martian Sailor Valley captured by a medium-resolution camera on April 1, 2022, with a resolution of about 65 meters per pixel. 

Figure 1. “Seasonal slope pattern” of the crater wall of the Triolet crater on Mars, captured by a high-resolution camera 
Fig. 2 Local landform of Martian Sailor Valley captured by medium-resolution camera

After the “Zhurong” Mars rover completed the 90-Mars day inspection mission on August 15, 2021, it will continue to carry out the expansion inspection and exploration mission. Figure 3 is an image of rocks distributed near impact craters on the Martian surface taken by the Navigation Terrain Camera on April 10, 2022 (the 323rd Martian day after landing). At present, the area where the “Zhurong” rover is located has entered winter. Similar to our earth, after entering winter, the altitude angle of solar illumination in the northern hemisphere area decreases and the duration of illumination shortens. According to the measurements, the local maximum temperature at noon on the rover has dropped to -20°C, and the ambient temperature at night is as low as -100°C. In addition, due to the presence of sand and dust weather, the light intensity is further weakened, which affects the power generation capacity of the solar wing battery array of the Mars rover. Recently, the engineering team adopted the rotation of the solar wing to adjust the light angle, reduce the daily work items and time, and achieve energy balance. 

Figure 3. Images of rocks distributed near impact craters on the Martian surface captured by the Navigation Terrain Camera

The rotation period of Mars is close to that of Earth. A Martian day is only about 40 minutes longer than that of Earth. The inclination of Mars’ rotation axis is 25.19°, which is also very close to Earth. Therefore, Mars also has day and night alternations and seasonal changes like Earth. The orbital period of Mars is about 687 days, that is, 1 Martian year is equivalent to 1.9 Earth years, which means that the average duration of each season on Mars is about twice as long as on Earth.

When the “Zhurong” first landed last year, when Mars moved to the vicinity of the aphelion, the direct sunlight point was in the northern hemisphere. At that time, the northern hemisphere had just entered summer and the southern hemisphere had entered winter. Now, nearly a year after landing on Mars, Mars is running near the perihelion, and the direct sun is in the southern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere where “Zhurong” is located is entering winter and the southern hemisphere is entering summer.

In the next two months, the direct sun point will continue to move to the south of Mars, reaching around the Tropic of Cancer around mid-to-late July, when Mars’ northern hemisphere will enter the coldest season of the year. In order to safely survive extreme weather such as Martian winter and sandstorms, the “Zhurong” rover has designed working modes such as autonomous sleep. When the energy is reduced to a certain level, it will automatically enter the sleep mode. After the environmental conditions gradually improve, it will return to normal Operating mode. 

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Images and visuals are from CNSA- China National Space Administration also from there respectives- CLEP –China Lunar Exploration Project..

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Image credit -Hysan Place,- Lee Gardens … Marvel Avengers-Endgame- Iron Man .

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, during the Month of April, in promotionally Marvel Avengers Endgame Hong Kong city wide for the conclusion battle with the Thanos that wiped more than half the population of the universe, in which in the fatalities were half of the Avengers whom was battling Thanos arrival in combating to stop him at all ends from him to obtain the Infinity Stones that was unified in that Golden Gauntlet. In this they team up in whatever it takes to restore the order of balance that was before Thanos arrival on one last standing point…  as Team Iron Man-Tony Stark – Robert Downy Jr… Team Captain America- Steve Rogers- Chris Evans with a set aside differences…

Screen time released  in Hong Kong, 24th April 2019, in which leading towards the Film’s release, the World leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation livery one of its MTR Train line carriages are livery out inside with in promoting the film with the Avengers Endgame characters, as its featured along with the key promotional signage’s, also on the seating.. Alongside the outside its International iconically Hong Kong with the livery endgame promotional like how the International Iconic Hong Kong Tramways are advertised in full..

image credit -Hysan Place,- Lee Gardens … Marvel Avengers-Endgame- Iron Man .

image credit -Hysan Place,- Lee Gardens … Marvel Avengers-Endgame Exhibition

In another location is Hysan Place, or known as Lee Gardens in 500 Hennessy Rd, Causeway Bay – Hong Kong ….. Featuring is from 13th April 2019 to 13th May 2019.  In which featuring new latest Hot Toys Marvel Avengers endgame mechanizing with a massive exhibition  from the movie in which first to be seen than in San Diego Comic Con.. In which featuring a four and half meter Iron Man statue with Ant Man… Among the exhibition is the life size scaling of the Marvel Characters…

#Marvel | #Thor #Ragnarok- Los Angeles carpet premiere


Wondering what Thor and The Hulk did after their vacation in Sydney Australia… Well Maybe after Ragnarok they should consider a little more down under in Auckland New Zealand….. Before previously then..   On 10 October 2017 it was the premiere of upcoming Marvel  Movie series Thor-Ragnarok, Directed by New Zealand Director Taika Waititi- Kevin Feigie in which set to screen on 26th October 2017 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong also in New Zealand… In which the film leans towards this home world Asgard from being destroy from a world destroyer Hela- Cate Blanchett among with Ragnarok… One of the many integrated premises of the film is what happens when Thor- Liam Hemsworth is without his iconic hammer Mjolnr destroyed by Hela is like the Doctor without her/his TARDIS or the trusty sonic screwdriver… but on the other side captive finding himself racing against time in which to race back home to save or savage what remains with it.. Finding him in a roman amphitheatre contest pitting various species against each other finding Hulk- Mark Ruffalo, also his dysfunctional brother… In which they team up with the trio finding their way back home with Valkyrie- Tessa Thompson, Sif-Jamie Alexander..

Thinkingly as the plot develops Thor regains what he is, the God of thunder in which he demonstrates that abilities back to Hela without his Mjolnr, but Mjolnr has always been within him all along… In which helping Team Thor is Heimdall- Idris Elba, awakingly Odin-Anthony Hopkins… also Skurge- Karl Urban…  Also Doctor Stephen strange – Benedict Cumberbatch..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong |#ACGHK- Ani-Com and Games #HongKong 2017……….

Ani-Com and Games 2017 Hong Kong-  sits in during in between 28th July to 1st August 2017 in which was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai,  in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong….  In which this year is sat in between two floors, in which it was on in between halls one and three… for this year’s convention…  Animation comics Games Expo is akin towards the San Diego Comic Con but on a smaller scale due to the SD-Comic Con covers more than five convention centres, But extremely larger than to New Zealand Auckland’s Armageddon in the ASB expo- Pavilion size with more audiences and population to cater for…


This year’s Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong has been very much highly covered in social media live-stream in between the SCMP- South China Morning Post also on TVB’s Social Media live streaming in covering all genres, also in-depth talks from someone whom hosting it that’s will to explore out from their comfort zone also hosting someone whom knows the genres very well..


On the first floor of the Ani-Com&Games 2017, it is dedicated towards with many various exhibitors… in which mostly with new featured products from mechanising, from films in which Marvel, DC Comics and Star Wars have been for runners for this years to gaming this years is featuring is Hot Toys featuring very detail articulate … that coming into the market, with Cosplaying, also intense Cosplaying contest aswell among with the many exhibitors as to new gaming products with Sony Playstation Virtual Reality , as to Microsoft Xbox in gaming in 4K among with many other activities as card gaming..

#MARVEL SQUARE-ENIX | #RESEMBLE- #AVENGERS Project announcement…..

“They say the time heroes are over …. That you’re different you’re dangerous… But I know the Truth… The World always needs Heroes.. Just need to #RESSEMBLE…..”

This coming next few years in the launch of 2018, there’s an interesting assemble of collaborations together in with “Square-Enix” “Crystal Dynamics- Eidos” also with “Marvel Entertainment” the team that brought you the Final Fantasy series, Lady Lara Croft- Tomb Raider, also the team that brought the Avengers… also as part of the collaboration process Lauded Deus EX Developer Eidos-Montreal..

The Partnership is on a multi- year, Multi-gaming partnership within the collaboration, the gaming which is set to be release on the 2018, will be based on iconic elements of the films, from Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, also other iconic characters adventures of the various Avengers films in which with original story telling in giving the intense immersive content also as with downloadable new stories to come..