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Image credit -Hysan Place,- Lee Gardens … Marvel Avengers-Endgame- Iron Man .

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, during the Month of April, in promotionally Marvel Avengers Endgame Hong Kong city wide for the conclusion battle with the Thanos that wiped more than half the population of the universe, in which in the fatalities were half of the Avengers whom was battling Thanos arrival in combating to stop him at all ends from him to obtain the Infinity Stones that was unified in that Golden Gauntlet. In this they team up in whatever it takes to restore the order of balance that was before Thanos arrival on one last standing point…  as Team Iron Man-Tony Stark – Robert Downy Jr… Team Captain America- Steve Rogers- Chris Evans with a set aside differences…

Screen time released  in Hong Kong, 24th April 2019, in which leading towards the Film’s release, the World leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation livery one of its MTR Train line carriages are livery out inside with in promoting the film with the Avengers Endgame characters, as its featured along with the key promotional signage’s, also on the seating.. Alongside the outside its International iconically Hong Kong with the livery endgame promotional like how the International Iconic Hong Kong Tramways are advertised in full..

image credit -Hysan Place,- Lee Gardens … Marvel Avengers-Endgame- Iron Man .
image credit -Hysan Place,- Lee Gardens … Marvel Avengers-Endgame Exhibition

In another location is Hysan Place, or known as Lee Gardens in 500 Hennessy Rd, Causeway Bay – Hong Kong ….. Featuring is from 13th April 2019 to 13th May 2019.  In which featuring new latest Hot Toys Marvel Avengers endgame mechanizing with a massive exhibition  from the movie in which first to be seen than in San Diego Comic Con.. In which featuring a four and half meter Iron Man statue with Ant Man… Among the exhibition is the life size scaling of the Marvel Characters…