#MARVEL SQUARE-ENIX | #RESEMBLE- #AVENGERS Project announcement…..

“They say the time heroes are over …. That you’re different you’re dangerous… But I know the Truth… The World always needs Heroes.. Just need to #RESSEMBLE…..”

This coming next few years in the launch of 2018, there’s an interesting assemble of collaborations together in with “Square-Enix” “Crystal Dynamics- Eidos” also with “Marvel Entertainment” the team that brought you the Final Fantasy series, Lady Lara Croft- Tomb Raider, also the team that brought the Avengers… also as part of the collaboration process Lauded Deus EX Developer Eidos-Montreal..

The Partnership is on a multi- year, Multi-gaming partnership within the collaboration, the gaming which is set to be release on the 2018, will be based on iconic elements of the films, from Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, also other iconic characters adventures of the various Avengers films in which with original story telling in giving the intense immersive content also as with downloadable new stories to come..

#MASSEFFECT – ANDROMEDA | Join the initiative – beyond the homeward Milky way Galaxy…

She awakens; she raises with as her ship the Tempest wakes up to… With one deep awaken breath air… “We made it… “

“Mass Effect- Andromeda” is coming soon on spring 2017, in which The Andromeda Initiative in which fan of the Mass Effect have been invited to this initiative is for the testing, orientation phase in which begins on 7th November 2016, to see what the outlook, feel, experience after Commander Shepard’s storyline… as the game begins to take shape in beyond the Home Galaxy, The Milky Way.. as Andromeda is widely awaited for since 2015,  to explore the nearest Galaxy from our own..

As you can see here two officers in N7 environmental battle armoured suites, making ways on the moon Luna paying their respects to whom the crew of Apollo 11 -20th July 1969 explored long time before them in taking  those first steps into an adventurously curiosity unknown as they see the very first foot prints on the moon, on the sea of ttranquilitywith the Eagle Luna Lander..

Has this invitation begins, you’ll be given Orientations missions in getting to know your environments in between your chosen character, or characters, female or male characters of Ryder,  with training as you become familiar with the eenvironmentals you’re in your new world Galaxy.. as this story is after Commander Shepard’s  in which takes you. This time is establishing home for humanity in the Andromeda after a long warring years with the reapers… In which has taken its toll in a torn up galaxy the Milk Way

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Coming Spring 2017 to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One

STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating on console.

STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating also on console. Xbox one and PlayStation four.....
STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating also on console. Xbox one and PlayStation four…..

” Having Star Trek Online going from PC towards two other platforms also Xbox one, also PlayStation four with the same rich storylines contents.. it’s been growing…. ” 

With the Sixth year Anniversary of “Star Trek Online” with going from towards free to play, in which so it’s going from strength to strength.. From the get go from, the game has grown innovatively, and creatively with the abundances of connecting all the Star Trek Series, from Enterprise, The Original Series,  The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine… then having the online game transitioning from PC, towards transitioning onto two other platforms onto Xbox one, also PlayStation four..

From Console of PlayStation four, also Xbox one the get go, there’s been one point one million captains, mostly reds- Tactical, then yellow-Engineering also blue-Science with some interesting faction demographics of more of majority is Starfleet, followed by Klingon’s then Rolumans.

With Bridge officers of 2.7 Million in majority is Tactical, following wise of Engineering, Science, along with various of 119 variants of Starships types selections to choose for in your drydock or shipyard…. In regarding to console fleets there been 1,617 Fleets in service currently growing in tandem with the PC platform…… as the Star Trek Online Platform is well establish and growing, in same wise for console..

DISHONORED 2 #XBOX | Live action trailer – Empress Emily Kaldwin taking back what’s hers…..

Coming out on 11th November 2016, Dishonored two produced by bethesda.net is launched on Worldwide live for Xbox one, your adventure life begins as you storyline between either shared legacy as Empress or  Corvo Attano as the Royal Protector of you as Empress Emily Kaldwin, tries to regain your throne after your family has been disposed by the powerful witch, Delilah..  The game play takes you has you fight back what’s yours in streets, covertly, in guerrilla warfare manner as you confront Delilah one more time to reunited your people as you investigatory in the Empire of the Isles..  as you uncover more you begin to learn more as you developing about your powers,abilities skillets as you  read, uncover into more into the story, as to you as share the same faith with your Royal Protector Corvo Attano.. as the team at Arkane Studios explains more into the storyline from the previous Dishonored storyline…….