DISHONORED 2 #XBOX | Live action trailer – Empress Emily Kaldwin taking back what’s hers…..

Coming out on 11th November 2016, Dishonored two produced by is launched on Worldwide live for Xbox one, your adventure life begins as you storyline between either shared legacy as Empress or  Corvo Attano as the Royal Protector of you as Empress Emily Kaldwin, tries to regain your throne after your family has been disposed by the powerful witch, Delilah..  The game play takes you has you fight back what’s yours in streets, covertly, in guerrilla warfare manner as you confront Delilah one more time to reunited your people as you investigatory in the Empire of the Isles..  as you uncover more you begin to learn more as you developing about your powers,abilities skillets as you  read, uncover into more into the story, as to you as share the same faith with your Royal Protector Corvo Attano.. as the team at Arkane Studios explains more into the storyline from the previous Dishonored storyline…….

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