#STARWARS – NISSAN | #ROGUEONE- A Star Wars Story- Rogue Battle tested..

In the recent edition of four wheels Drives that has been associated with Star Wars with the advert from the “Star Wars –The Force Awakens” on a “Jeep-Renegade” where picturing that a couple whom spending a romantically in a distance of relativity close distance within the Galaxy away a battle lies with the resistance and the first order… Well this case this pretty much the prequel of that when “Nissan” launches it limited edition four wheel counterpart the “Rogue” in which testing it’s battling capabilities in various simulated battlefield from “Star Wars- Rogue One-Star Wars Story” in using the Rogue’s All-wheel Intelligent drive also its’ Safety Shield Technologies engineered design to test drivers combat’s skill sets on the imperial Stormtroopers, AT-ACT, tie-fighters anything it encounters along its way..

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