#STARWARS #NISSAN | #TheLastJedi – Choose Intelligent Mobility

Her Father whom telling her as she driving for the very first time… “Breath…… Just Breathe… “In a  Star Wars –The Last JediLuke Skywalker to Rey in a kind of way..  In recent several months Nissan has been featuring thematically Star Wars into its commercials in which have other several layers of in bring a home grown message… As her father tells her with comforting words of breathe… As she drives in dense like traffic in which turns out to be a Jakku’s battlefield of the aftermath of the fall of the Empire of dating back to the Moon Endor, As the Father Daughter drives onwards they resembles the Luke Skywalker also Rey’s relationship in which in telling her to breathe in trusting the Nissan’s Car inbuilt system of Intelligent Mobility– of Stay on Track in which is the Pro-PILOT Assist steering feature in which to stop drifting if you’re out of your lane in which it works in between curved lanes …. As part of the Pro-Pilot System is Intelligent Cruise Control – in features keeping your Distance in which helps to monitor the flow of the traffic also assess the right travelling at a set distance in which setting up your velocity then the car inbuilt Intelligent Mobility systems keep you in a moderated distance in between vehicles also it can help you to stop your vehicle automatically if traffic comes to a stop…in which this system in inbuilt on the Nissan Rouge.. 


#STARWARS #ROGUEONE | Best Star wars Commercials 2016- A Star Wars Story- Relive your Stories…

As the building up to 15th December 2016 Hong Kong  “Star Wars- Rogue one- A Star Wars Story” in which it features the story episode before the “A New Hope” in featuring elements of a Daughter, Parents relationships, in between Jyn Erso – Felicity Jones- also that between her father, whom is the key Designer in designing the Terrible weapon constructed design by her father then obtaining the plans of the Death Star to find it’s weakness.. ..

In that leading up, there’s various commercials product placements licensing for the film, in which sparks the creative universal imagination of creating your own adventuring stories, within the Star Wars Universe…  In such of the Duracell commercial where a group of children ill, in hospital decide to visit a fellow friend in bed in given her a cute Astrometric Droid, R2D2 with the plans of the Death Star, as reenactment of Rogue one … in where the Gillette placement shows the show down between rebels and Imperials on the beach like planet Jedha.. Among it’s the Nissan SUV Rogue, in which goes through battle testing simulations…  As to the PlayStation gaming console on Star Wars Battlefront is reliving those moments in battle in the Star Wars stories… Given that you want to Nerf it out as reliving those moments as a Kid..

#STARWARS – NISSAN | #ROGUEONE- A Star Wars Story- Rogue Battle tested..

In the recent edition of four wheels Drives that has been associated with Star Wars with the advert from the “Star Wars –The Force Awakens” on a “Jeep-Renegade” where picturing that a couple whom spending a romantically in a distance of relativity close distance within the Galaxy away a battle lies with the resistance and the first order… Well this case this pretty much the prequel of that when “Nissan” launches it limited edition four wheel counterpart the “Rogue” in which testing it’s battling capabilities in various simulated battlefield from “Star Wars- Rogue One-Star Wars Story” in using the Rogue’s All-wheel Intelligent drive also its’ Safety Shield Technologies engineered design to test drivers combat’s skill sets on the imperial Stormtroopers, AT-ACT, tie-fighters anything it encounters along its way..