#StarWars | #StarWarsDay #ANA All Nippon Airways the making that iconic theme song for #MayTheFourth –


As Star Wars the Last Jedi is set to be release out in screening  on 14 December 2017 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong Given the that you enjoyed the sounds of Cathay Pacific’s The Sounds of Travelling well in which culminates the all the naturally organic inorganic sounds of travelling adventuring aboard, into one trendy musically score, in travelling in between Thailand, Hong Kong also to Kyoto- Japan.. In this case in In Japan during the 2016 ANA- All Nippon Airways did the culmination’s sounds of their daily operations as it sample over the duration of its day…  as an airliner, ANA in with thematically is for the Star Wars May The Fourth on 2016 year, in which three of their long haul fleet air Boeing 777-200ER’s in painted Star Wars iconic droids in liveries of the cute Astrometric droid of R2D2, the new droid on the block BB8, in two’s ….   As the events proceed with the May the Fourth, fans Cosplay in star Wars, aboard the flight also the as the exterior of the three ANA’s Boeing 777-ER’s also its cabin interior with Star Wars merchandising also collectible memorabilia .. As the flight proceed it’s flight around the city and more around the country..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #HongKongInternationalAirport | it’s all about a very cute robot name Timmy watch out R2D2 and Chopper….!

In the recently appointees at “Hong Kong International Airport” in a very Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong… There’s a new employee, work colleague, also he’s just as Cute R2D2 or Chopper from Star Wars Rebels…. In which this robot, named Timmy applying for a job role in which …. Timmy can communicate in various languages, also Timmy likes to watches aircrafts as they come and go, also Timmy can assist people in various ways and tasks in getting around in the Airport…. Also Timmy can do almost any other social media thing like doing selfies… in during the process of the interview, the interviewer was impress so Timmy was hired for the role… to assist Passengers in Hong Kong International Airport..

#STARWARS #ROGUEONE | Best Star wars Commercials 2016- A Star Wars Story- Relive your Stories…

As the building up to 15th December 2016 Hong Kong  “Star Wars- Rogue one- A Star Wars Story” in which it features the story episode before the “A New Hope” in featuring elements of a Daughter, Parents relationships, in between Jyn Erso – Felicity Jones- also that between her father, whom is the key Designer in designing the Terrible weapon constructed design by her father then obtaining the plans of the Death Star to find it’s weakness.. ..

In that leading up, there’s various commercials product placements licensing for the film, in which sparks the creative universal imagination of creating your own adventuring stories, within the Star Wars Universe…  In such of the Duracell commercial where a group of children ill, in hospital decide to visit a fellow friend in bed in given her a cute Astrometric Droid, R2D2 with the plans of the Death Star, as reenactment of Rogue one … in where the Gillette placement shows the show down between rebels and Imperials on the beach like planet Jedha.. Among it’s the Nissan SUV Rogue, in which goes through battle testing simulations…  As to the PlayStation gaming console on Star Wars Battlefront is reliving those moments in battle in the Star Wars stories… Given that you want to Nerf it out as reliving those moments as a Kid..

SPACE X – FALCON NINE REUSABLE | – #JCSAT16 geostationary position communications satellite… another successfully landing…


On 14th August 2016 American time, “Space X” has successfully launched a geostationary communications satellite JCSAT-16... on the same reusable Falcon nine first stage rocket, that was used in launching the JCSAT-14 back in 14th May 2016… Also that first stage did a recent test firing back in 28th July 2016 in preparations for the JCSAT-16 at Space X Texas rocket development facility ……. Also during the same night is the night time a successful landing on “ off course  still love you” off shore drone ship of Florida…  also this launch is a memorial  dedication launch to the Late Actor Kenny Baker whom played as cute lovable adorable Astrometric droid we know today as R2-D2…on Star Wars Sagas..

As this JCSAT-16 is based on from the previous JCSAT-14  major launch on sending a communications satellite package payload, the JCSAT-14 into geostationary orbit on which providing intense high quality communications towards the Asian and pacific region in which the JCSAT network is a hive of fifteen in providing that communications by SKY Perfect in partnership with  JSAT Corporation….  In which it was launch from Cape Canaveral Air force station, east coast, Florida on launch complex 40, with a launch window of two hours on just in case as a given next launch window is on the following day on the 15th August 2016……

STAR WARS- LEGO | the force awakens- Lego style


During the E3 2016 this month of June 28th, “Star Wars- The force Awakens” Lego’s trailer game is release with a comedian twist into its storyline plot from the creative writers from Lego… the trailer takes place from the planet Jakku …… Reys’s exile home planet world has she adventures with the iconic characters in finding them so she can deliver BB-8 to the Resistances so they could find the only remaining Jedi left,  the very much aged like Obi Wan Kenobi –Luke Skywalker On that planet where it all began with the first Jedi Temple. With all the original casting voices from the actual film.