#NASA -#ISS | International Space Stations- Fisheye Fly tour through the station in Ultra HD…..

At first this isn’t a view from inside a Tie Fighter that your flying.. is a view from inside of NASA -International Space Station’s CUPOLA.. 

For this you might want to turn up your resolution and sound levels , given  that if you want to immersive yourself If you feel to distressing yourself this is probably one of the relaxing visuals,  Produced by Harmonic exclusively for “NASA takes you on a tour of the International Space Station”, takes you on a fish eye tour of the throughout the modules of the station the footage was shot in Ultra High Definition 4K video with a fish eye lens for those extreme focusing   depth of field views, taking you first on viewing the amazing portal windows of CUPOLA,  looking below of two recent arrivals, the resupply Cygnus module also the Soyuz MS-02 crew of expedition 49/50  that recently docked in the recent week with timeless views of Earth.

The view takes you inside the station, the unity Module node section, where it’s inter junction connections between the modules of the station, as we fly on the right, are mission patches left behind of the previous expedition mission of the ISS, also the STS program, then as the tour takes shape onto the ZARYA Functional Cargo Block segment, then onwards to the environmental parts of the station where seeing Ammonia Respirators in orange box packaging, in case for Ammonia leakage..  as this connection is the PIRS- Russian for Pier, Docking port for the Soyuz module, also the Progress resupply module spacecraft..

Leading the way heading floating in Zero- or micro gravity, is back to ZARYA, towards the Desinity and the UNITY Module.. Where we see a robotics workshop, also other types of workshops, towards the Harmony module, to the KIBO- the Japanese Logistics Module with it’s own airlock, in which is used to move experiments in and out of the station, heading towards Columbus module where various scientific experiments are performed as we tour further we see the habitation modules where the Astronauts sleep, also the environmental systems are situated then the tour follows back towards the CUPOLA where the seven window observation deck with the breath taking views of Earth..

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