#Marvel | #Thor #Ragnarok- Los Angeles carpet premiere


Wondering what Thor and The Hulk did after their vacation in Sydney Australia… Well Maybe after Ragnarok they should consider a little more down under in Auckland New Zealand….. Before previously then..   On 10 October 2017 it was the premiere of upcoming Marvel  Movie series Thor-Ragnarok, Directed by New Zealand Director Taika Waititi- Kevin Feigie in which set to screen on 26th October 2017 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong also in New Zealand… In which the film leans towards this home world Asgard from being destroy from a world destroyer Hela- Cate Blanchett among with Ragnarok… One of the many integrated premises of the film is what happens when Thor- Liam Hemsworth is without his iconic hammer Mjolnr destroyed by Hela is like the Doctor without her/his TARDIS or the trusty sonic screwdriver… but on the other side captive finding himself racing against time in which to race back home to save or savage what remains with it.. Finding him in a roman amphitheatre contest pitting various species against each other finding Hulk- Mark Ruffalo, also his dysfunctional brother… In which they team up with the trio finding their way back home with Valkyrie- Tessa Thompson, Sif-Jamie Alexander..

Thinkingly as the plot develops Thor regains what he is, the God of thunder in which he demonstrates that abilities back to Hela without his Mjolnr, but Mjolnr has always been within him all along… In which helping Team Thor is Heimdall- Idris Elba, awakingly Odin-Anthony Hopkins… also Skurge- Karl Urban…  Also Doctor Stephen strange – Benedict Cumberbatch..

#MARVEL SQUARE-ENIX | #RESEMBLE- #AVENGERS Project announcement…..

“They say the time heroes are over …. That you’re different you’re dangerous… But I know the Truth… The World always needs Heroes.. Just need to #RESSEMBLE…..”

This coming next few years in the launch of 2018, there’s an interesting assemble of collaborations together in with “Square-Enix” “Crystal Dynamics- Eidos” also with “Marvel Entertainment” the team that brought you the Final Fantasy series, Lady Lara Croft- Tomb Raider, also the team that brought the Avengers… also as part of the collaboration process Lauded Deus EX Developer Eidos-Montreal..

The Partnership is on a multi- year, Multi-gaming partnership within the collaboration, the gaming which is set to be release on the 2018, will be based on iconic elements of the films, from Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, also other iconic characters adventures of the various Avengers films in which with original story telling in giving the intense immersive content also as with downloadable new stories to come..

MARVEL –THOR RAGNAROK | What was Thor doing during the Civil War- found vacation down under..

What was Thor was doing during while “Captain America- Civil War” Captain Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) while living to  Taylors Swift Song Bad Blood problems with Tony Stark-Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)..Well he was on vacation in Australia among with bestie Doctor David Banner- Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) trying to fit in, also trying out the flatting situation with a fellow roommate Darryl Jacobson..

While having a me time down flatting in the Southern Hemisphere, wondering if he miss all the action between what is going on with the Avengers with Team Iron Man and Captain America.. He begins the investigating like Sherlock Holmes style of the whole story of the infinity Stones of what’s to come, also Thor (Chris Hemsworth)  takes a working with the community education approach in teaching, laying back while still not Earth technology savvy yet..

As During the Comic Con San Diego 2016, we get to see what Thor was up to before Ragnarok in Hall H, in which is expected to screen on 25 October 2017 Norway…

The Avengers – 2012

The Avengers is going to be an it movie for next years movie calender, and it comes with an all out cast from the avengers series. The movie is going to be release in the United States on the 4th May 2012. produced by Marvel studios in distribution with Walt Disney Pictures. Base on Stan lee’s Avengers comic series.

The movie is written and directed by Joss Whedon whom written  other series such as Buffy the Vampire slayer,  FireFly, Serenity, Cabin in the woods, Toy Story, web series Dr Horrible sing along.

The premise The idea is to bring of exceptional people to save the world from an un-excepted enemy. Those exceptional people are the team of  the Black Widow,  Nick Fury, Iron man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America. In which saying with the main leading men. As for the leading lady it’ll would like to see a film of the Scarlett Johansson’s  Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff’s story, her side of how she plays into this, or her story before then in the Avengers. I presume this Movie is going to be heavyily market during the time of four day Auckland’s scifi convention Armageddon between the days of 28 to the 31th of October 2011.

Casting: Scarlet Johansson, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Roffalo, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth,  Cobie Smulders, and Samuel Leroy Jackson.

One thing though, the marvel Avengers characters collectively merge in this film each one of their own gives clues of what happens next.

Iron Man              – one and two – trailers

The Hulk               – one and two – trailers

Thor                       – one – trailers

Captain Americaone– trailers

The Avengers Movie-