MARVEL – CAPTAIN AMERICA | Civil war- Winter Soldier – Black Panther Chases Bucky……


As the division is formed within the Avengers, In Theaters 6th May 2016, and “Captain America –Civil War ” The Team between Captain America, also with Tony Stark in where from the last incidents in eastern Europe where in between the Winter Soldier and The Age of Ultron episodes from then that incident in created a fear within the public with various incident,  so a governmental organization within the United Nations have created a political interference to keep in check of what’s going on within the Avengers collective, but Captain Steve Rogers thinks otherwise on figuring out what’s going on, also investigative into what happen to his World War two buddy Bucky..

In this we see a chase scene where the Black Panther is in pursue of Bucky through various intense urban Coruscant underground like roads and corridors, dodging cars like in real life that 1980’s game where you have to pilot a frog to safety across the road in various perilous situations as Captain America is catching up..

MARVEL | CAPTAIN AMERICA- Civil war… The newest recruit…


As “ Marvel Captain America- Civil War” screens on sixth May 2016,  we see the divisions lines takes place also it’s recruitment taken place as we see Captain America- Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is gathering a team to investigate into believing to defend humanity with governmental or organisation interferences, in which the counter to what Tony Starks is doing… in this we see the latest recruitment from the other spin off “Antman” Scott Lang ( Paul Rudd) in which his decrease in size also his various  skillset is required to assist the Team that’s Captain America is building, also investigate his long lost World War two friend Buckley also what happened to him since The Winter Soldier incident…

MARVEL – CAPTAIN AMERICA | Civil war – In good Company..


In Theatres 6th May 2016, “Captain America –Civil War”…. We see the divisions in motions taken place within the Avengers… as in this featurette explains the tension between Team Stark and Rogers, where Captain Steve Rogers investigates of what happened to his long lost found World War two friend Bucky… Where Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Emily VanCamp explain the convicts and tension that their Characters faces within that they face between Tony Stark also with Captain Steve Rogers, as Scarlett Johansson- Black Widow-Natasha Romanoff puts it the stakes are getting higher… As her character is a bit torn.. In either side in where both have a relationship, in which they wants to reason with him… But for Tony is the path of least resistances..

It should be interesting to see the further developments story when how Thor, also the Hulk comes into the situation of the civil war, besides Thor probably be busy with Loki…

MARVEL – CAPTAIN AMERICA | Civil War- the safest hands…. .


As “Captain America – Civil war” approaches to screen in theaters on sixth May 2016, in this we see the divisions of the Avengers that taken place in between Team Tony Stark- Iron Man and Captain Steve Rogers in relation to the Roger’s long lost friend from world war two, Bucky, as Steve Rogers begins to investigates of what They’ve done to him, after the incident in The Winter Solider episode where Rogers found Bucky manipulated, reconfigured by Hydra.. Also it should be interesting to see how Spiderman plays into this story series…

The Avengers – 2012

The Avengers is going to be an it movie for next years movie calender, and it comes with an all out cast from the avengers series. The movie is going to be release in the United States on the 4th May 2012. produced by Marvel studios in distribution with Walt Disney Pictures. Base on Stan lee’s Avengers comic series.

The movie is written and directed by Joss Whedon whom written  other series such as Buffy the Vampire slayer,  FireFly, Serenity, Cabin in the woods, Toy Story, web series Dr Horrible sing along.

The premise The idea is to bring of exceptional people to save the world from an un-excepted enemy. Those exceptional people are the team of  the Black Widow,  Nick Fury, Iron man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America. In which saying with the main leading men. As for the leading lady it’ll would like to see a film of the Scarlett Johansson’s  Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff’s story, her side of how she plays into this, or her story before then in the Avengers. I presume this Movie is going to be heavyily market during the time of four day Auckland’s scifi convention Armageddon between the days of 28 to the 31th of October 2011.

Casting: Scarlet Johansson, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Roffalo, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth,  Cobie Smulders, and Samuel Leroy Jackson.

One thing though, the marvel Avengers characters collectively merge in this film each one of their own gives clues of what happens next.

Iron Man              – one and two – trailers

The Hulk               – one and two – trailers

Thor                       – one – trailers

Captain Americaone– trailers

The Avengers Movie-