MARVEL – CAPTAIN AMERICA | Civil war- Winter Soldier – Black Panther Chases Bucky……


As the division is formed within the Avengers, In Theaters 6th May 2016, and “Captain America –Civil War ” The Team between Captain America, also with Tony Stark in where from the last incidents in eastern Europe where in between the Winter Soldier and The Age of Ultron episodes from then that incident in created a fear within the public with various incident,  so a governmental organization within the United Nations have created a political interference to keep in check of what’s going on within the Avengers collective, but Captain Steve Rogers thinks otherwise on figuring out what’s going on, also investigative into what happen to his World War two buddy Bucky..

In this we see a chase scene where the Black Panther is in pursue of Bucky through various intense urban Coruscant underground like roads and corridors, dodging cars like in real life that 1980’s game where you have to pilot a frog to safety across the road in various perilous situations as Captain America is catching up..

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