MARVEL – CAPTAIN AMERICA | Civil war – In good Company..


In Theatres 6th May 2016, “Captain America –Civil War”…. We see the divisions in motions taken place within the Avengers… as in this featurette explains the tension between Team Stark and Rogers, where Captain Steve Rogers investigates of what happened to his long lost found World War two friend Bucky… Where Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Emily VanCamp explain the convicts and tension that their Characters faces within that they face between Tony Stark also with Captain Steve Rogers, as Scarlett Johansson- Black Widow-Natasha Romanoff puts it the stakes are getting higher… As her character is a bit torn.. In either side in where both have a relationship, in which they wants to reason with him… But for Tony is the path of least resistances..

It should be interesting to see the further developments story when how Thor, also the Hulk comes into the situation of the civil war, besides Thor probably be busy with Loki…

GODIZILLA – MPC | Behind the scenes- an extended visual VFX breakdown…?

Knowing that “Godzilla” Epic is out previously on 16 May 2014 thearterwise then in now Blue Ray or in stores on iTunes, in which the movie is visually immersive as to akin to the movie gravity.. Also too Pacific Rim…  In this break down we see a collective of scenes where how each layered moving images composites in a from the actual set filming in with additionally computer graphically generated added sets to the  wire framed Godzilla whom is wreaking havoc.. With added reptilian textured skin to give him the tactile realism which gives him more of a serious dangerous threading looks to be reckon with..

In this we see the compositions footage’s of the Godzilla doing the Battlement with the monolith of various city wide scenes. With the additional scared cityscape…  in which the premise on the one sheriff Malevolent creature whom is Godzilla also on humanities Scientific Arrogance on the outcome Nature itself which threaten Humanity itself..

The visual effect is produce by “MPC Moving pictures – Vancouver” whom works are featured currently on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, plus X-men: days of future past… Supervising Academy Award winning – Guillaume Rocheron also producer VFX Producer Philip Greenlow.  in bringing out the storyline of  the iconic Godzilla to life  Warner Bros pictures ….