MARVEL – CAPTAIN AMERICA | Civil War- the safest hands…. .


As “Captain America – Civil war” approaches to screen in theaters on sixth May 2016, in this we see the divisions of the Avengers that taken place in between Team Tony Stark- Iron Man and Captain Steve Rogers in relation to the Roger’s long lost friend from world war two, Bucky, as Steve Rogers begins to investigates of what They’ve done to him, after the incident in The Winter Solider episode where Rogers found Bucky manipulated, reconfigured by Hydra.. Also it should be interesting to see how Spiderman plays into this story series…

MARVEL | Avengers age of Ultron – second Trailer coming up….?


As the Avengers survives the Demise of “SHIELD” also it reconstruction of it as its storyline in “ Marvels Agents of SHIELD” as now rebuilding  Director Colson taken from Director Nick Fury.. After it has been infiltrated by HYDRA…   The Avengers face a new element of threat is Ultron… in this could one of the breaking points in which defines them…  in which the film is set to screen on theaters 1st May 2015.. in which hopefully explore of clues what’s to come in the “Avengers – age of Ultron!”

As for the second trailer in which comes out on 12th January 2015 during the College Football National Championships in which is featured on “ESPN”  on 2030 hours Eastern time..

CAPTAIN AMERICA | behind the scenes- the winter Solider…?


As in “Marvel Agents of Shields” television series ended in a when Skye found her father, having discovering the closure that brought to demise of her mother and family. Ending with being trapped in a cavern with an alien device known as the Obelisk in which enable Skye in the process of gaining her new founded abilities.. in which  Director Colson  was locked out on the outside.. Wanting to go in..

In also” Marvel’s Captain America in the Winter Solider”… as the SHIELD began to crumble within as sleeper HYDRA agents began to infiltrate… From within…in this we see the story of Captain Steve Rogers realises his friend Bucky in turn controlled is still living…

In this we see magical works of “ ILM-Industrial light and Magic “ the construction elements of the Shield, base with the Automated HeliCarriers,  with the  green screen  to shot the mains shot integrating from using wired framing, to moulding with the rendering with Non playable actors to do the background to.. Adding the element that makes the scene in the story as Director Nick Fury and Captain America explore the notion of not using them as there are some other deadly intentions of using them…

MARVEL | Agent Carter – small very sneak peek…?

On the month of January 2015,” Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter” is airing on the ABC Network … as prelude storylines to Marvel Agents of SHIELD, also tells the story what happen after to the relationship with Carter and Steve Rogers after The First Avenger… Captain America… as they rekindle their relationship many decades on until seen in The Winter Solider with a very intimate scene… In this small very short clip we see the founders of SHIELD, Peggy Carter and Howard Stark (Tony Stark’s Father) talking about an objective assignment with a very nasty dangerous explosive written formula with a first insight of what the actual Jarvis looks like, but given the his qualities like James Bond’s Quartermaster Q also Bruce Wayne’s Butler Alfred  … then moments later into the scene it leads on to That Agent Carter taking on the Assignment and kicking more action investigatively than Commodore James Bond.. !