Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.


As in “Marvel Agents of Shields” television series ended in a when Skye found her father, having discovering the closure that brought to demise of her mother and family. Ending with being trapped in a cavern with an alien device known as the Obelisk in which enable Skye in the process of gaining her new founded abilities.. in which  Director Colson  was locked out on the outside.. Wanting to go in..

In also” Marvel’s Captain America in the Winter Solider”… as the SHIELD began to crumble within as sleeper HYDRA agents began to infiltrate… From within…in this we see the story of Captain Steve Rogers realises his friend Bucky in turn controlled is still living…

In this we see magical works of “ ILM-Industrial light and Magic “ the construction elements of the Shield, base with the Automated HeliCarriers,  with the  green screen  to shot the mains shot integrating from using wired framing, to moulding with the rendering with Non playable actors to do the background to.. Adding the element that makes the scene in the story as Director Nick Fury and Captain America explore the notion of not using them as there are some other deadly intentions of using them…

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