STAR TREK | your very own… constitution class cutaway model

Given that you have a Starship Engineer in the family or a love one…  Then this is one for you or engineer love…. It’s cutaway model of the constitution class Starship in which sit neatly on your work home office desk, it’s beautifully crafted to show you the internal anatomy deck by deck workings of the Starship featuring the saucer section corridors, the bridge, the engineering hull, the inner workings of the warp nacelle.. And finally the shuttle bay…

The Constitution class Starship model is 18 inches long.. With a strong support stand… so it sits comfortably on right next to your flat screen monitor…  while trying to slide track away from your work to see how far you could modify your own Constitution class starship..

Like to know more where you get your Constitution class Starship… from Thinkgeek..?

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