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Early this month of March 2014, we’ve been reward over here in Auckland with the accents of moderately clear nightly weather…. In that we get to see the very first to up to now the second quarters. With that duration from crescent to half Moon, we get to see the shadowy indentation depths and heights of the Luna craters… and the terminator line between the lighted and shadow parts of the moon…  And you could see the earlier and later parts of the moon’s terrain… Textures wise like comparing having a silk satin lining with a heavy lace shell on a dress….

Most of the location closer shots of the moon around the terminator line are in the regions of Mare of Crisium, Fecuditaits also Tranquilitatis (the sea of Tranquility) where Apollo eleven landed… and as you move closer down you’ll see the location of Mare Serenitatis…. Where it’s heavily cratered around to region where crater Tycho…

So during the early parts of month of March evening the moon Luna is smiling winking you back…

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