FASHION | game of thrones – black milk clothing collection….

As the fourth season of HBO’sGame of Thrones” come out on April fourth 2014 premiering, from the last time that we met them in a highly charge cliff-hanger that the White walkers are back…  As too as Black Milk clothing is releasing their Game of Thrones- theme collection on March the eleventh 2014.

The collection is amazingly beautifully centric themed around the kingdomed houses of the North, the Starks, also heavily themed around the teal aqua blue and white colours of Daenerys Targaryen, also her children the Dragons, maps of  Westeros plus Essas… in form of dresses, tights, tops and swimwear… followed by heavy  Doc Martens type boots..

The very intriguing theme advert is directed by Tristan Houghton plus the provide music track is Pumped Solid by Tom Salta…

Like to know more of the innovative Black Milk Clothing collection….?

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