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On United States time on sixth march 2014, there’s great news for whom been waiting for the improvements with the Galaxy class and it’s variants on that day…  But there’s one ship class that awaited the attention is the Galaxy Dreadnought…  at first I was looking at the advance Dyson ship class but the revisitment had me going back to old school….

Having three warp nacelles, and a massive Gudam type Phaser Lance… which sits below the saucer section and the neck… and measuring length wise of 641 meters long… with the new improvements it has new:

  • New bridge officers seating in which the Ensign tactical seat becomes a universal seating..
  • Finally it gets the Galaxy class treatment with the Saucer separation support… or though it does come with that console in which you could translated separation console from a tier five exploration       Cruiser retrofit…  in which give you more of added advantage akin to the same with the full Odyssey ship set..  But with dual Phaser Cannons and it’s small Phaser lance…
  •  As to with the Aquarius escort on the Odyssey class, the Galaxy Dreadnought gets its own one hanger bay… in which you could outfit with any shuttles after modifying.. in which gives you in guessing added advantage.. In very much akiness to the Armitage carrier class..
  • As for the Phaser Lance Wide Beam…. It’s an impressive weapon akin to the Vesta Variant’s Quantum Field Focus Phaser… but during the saucer separation it has a destructive wide beam like shot gun effect only at close range to be effective.. so it’s a hit, run and reload..

Given its bonus of the utilizing.. the Antimatter spread and saucer separations will give you a add advantage of increasing your Starship hull plating and armouring reinforcement skills  your maneuvering  will increase..

With this in mind should be interesting to see the Tier four Fleet Variant of the Galaxy Dreadnought..  this should be interesting to compare to the Fleet variants of the Armitage and the Avenger Destroyer class…. To see how they operate..

Like to know more about revisiting the Galaxy class variants…?

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