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As we’re left off from the last episode of the dark side of the moon, looking  at the fourth trailer installment it looks like it’s been several or decade more years since the we seen the Sam Witwicky ( Shia LaBeouf) plus his daring girlfriend Carly Spencer ( Rosie Huntington-Whitelely )

In this instalment we see a new story with a family, whom father played by Mark Wahlberg, Cade Yeager is in the collection plus savaging business, whom is in the process of savaging an old rusty Mack Truck and in selling spare parts to fund his daughter Tessa Yeager ( Nicola Peltz) education her future. .. In this we see that the local cybertronians are force into hiding   due to a governmental Paranoia, also that the main Deceptions threat has been resolved some all those several years ago…

As that rusty old Mack truck becomes, the iconic Optimus Prime…  There’s a new threat that is becoming, something like a Cybertronians Starships seeming ancient old with Dinobots… awaken…

There’s a few interesting things, about this what happen after the war with the Deceptions, what happens to the remaining Autobots…. And how Optimus Prime did became so rusty in its tradition fashionably… we shall see… ?

Transformers –age of extinction is United states released dates in the Summer season of  27th June 2014.. Also the international release dates in over here… also that you like know more about Transformers you could check it out on its website…?

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