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This year has been impressive with viewing the Moon Luna.. With every unique passing moments or each night… in some case waiting for Luna in from the early parts of the days evenings to the very later parts in the night onwards till past midnight…

Each night, it’s different from the other nights when viewing… The Shadows that been cast by the monstrous craters…  in which the craters towering more length that another large cities on Earth… Due to the size of Moon Luna is roughly about the diameter of Australia… also the shadows are different telling their own story…. Thinking this year is all about Luna’s shadows from casted by sun onto the Craters..

Progressively throughout year, there has be some awesome viewing of the International Space Station through the telescope. Seeing as it pass by with seeing the main structure, the solar arrays, the habit modules…  with each viewing seeing the orientation of panels positioning in different angles as it moves to the facing the sun..

When you look at the moon or Luna each night Wink at the Moon-Luna as remembering the Late Astronaut Neil Armstrong   and his Amazing works…

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