HAPPY NEW YEARS 2015 | Auckland from the Auckland war memorial museum…?

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On the approach of New Year eve heading on to the year 2015… heading out onto the large footsteps of the “Auckland War Memorial Museum” where the crowds have moderately slowly gather braving the expected rain that comes onto after one in the morning on New Year’s Morning… Having arrived.. The crowds moderately patience and civilized waiting for the “Sky Tower” to count down the hours minutes, seconds to celebrated to bring in the New Year with a new addition to it with a countdown clock on restaurants area of the tower…




As the countdown clock proceeds on a clouded night, the remaining celebrated lights began to switch off. Until the clock struck midnight… Fireworks began flowering out in different techno coloured arrangements like a lighted flower bursting its flowers petals creatively in the first a tease then a bursting of clusters of loud thundering flashes echo into the domain then throughout the ten minutes… To the first country ring in the New Year… !

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