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On the month of January 2015,” Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter” is airing on the ABC Network … as prelude storylines to Marvel Agents of SHIELD, also tells the story what happen after to the relationship with Carter and Steve Rogers after The First Avenger… Captain America… as they rekindle their relationship many decades on until seen in The Winter Solider with a very intimate scene… In this small very short clip we see the founders of SHIELD, Peggy Carter and Howard Stark (Tony Stark’s Father) talking about an objective assignment with a very nasty dangerous explosive written formula with a first insight of what the actual Jarvis looks like, but given the his qualities like James Bond’s Quartermaster Q also Bruce Wayne’s Butler Alfred  … then moments later into the scene it leads on to That Agent Carter taking on the Assignment and kicking more action investigatively than Commodore James Bond.. !

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